Dear member,

I’m looking for a small group of members representing all aspects of the footwear sector, to help better inform my communications with the policy and strategy makers in Government.

I am currently receiving daily requests from Whitehall for sector information and opinion and I want to ensure, as I’m sure you do, that the information I provide is fully representative of the entire industry, retail, manufacturing, wholesale, sourcing, brands and service providers.

Do you have views you’re willing to share? I’d love you to join our select “Government Policy Summit group” (GPSG) of industry experts who will disseminate their footwear business knowledge, opinion and experience so as to provide quick, relevant and insightful answers to any requests I receive from Government.

As part of this groups activities, which I trust will benefit your business as much as it informs BFA’s government advice, I would like to start a bi-weekly conference call with the group to discuss recent information and ensure we are remaining a comprehensive voice for the sector.

The GPSG is not intended to be onerous and I hope will replace the numerous ad-hoc requests I currently make with more of the group’s efficient and relevant information.

If you think you could help, please contact me here and we can talk the concept though in more detail.

Best regards,


Lucy Reece-Raybould

BFA Chief Executive