Oboz Footwear has planted a tree for every pair of Oboz sold since 2007 as part of their commitment to the environment. That’s over 2 million trees and counting!

Oboz has organized a ‘Get Rooted’ event in Ambleside (23 rd November 2019) in the Lake District in conjunction with Small Woods – all participants will enjoy the following: –

 A talk from their woodland charity partner Small Woods
on the benefits of re-forestation and a tutorial on how to plant trees.

 Volunteers will be planting trees in the surrounding area of Skiddaw House as
part of an ongoing reforestation project with Cumbria Woodlands. Surrounded
by mountains, with no other building in sight, Skiddaw House is an iconic Lake
District site and participants will enjoy a 3.5 mile walk to the site.

 Post tree-planting all volunteers will be invited back to SR Cunningham’s
store in Ambleside for a well-earned hot drink and refreshment sourced
by local Deli Rattle & Ghyll. All participants will also receive a 10%
discount off all full price Oboz instore and some exclusive Oboz
footwear goodies!

Oboz are asking people to help in working together to protect the planet as
everyone loves the outdoors, and the way Oboz sees it — the more trees, the
more outdoors for everyone to enjoy.