As the voice of the British footwear sector, the BFA is preparing a white paper to submit to Government which takes YOUR views directly to the policy makers.

We are extremely keen to hear from any you to help understand how GB-Northern Ireland (NI) movement of goods and services features in your supply chains. We’d particularly like to hear from those of you:

  • who have presence in NI and import goods from GB, and vice versa
  • who move goods between sites/offices in NI and GB

To clarify, this could mean businesses which process products in NI, and/or sell them on to the EU from there, or just finish them in NI.

Also if you have any feedback on any of the subjects below please forward them as soon as possible:

  • Legislation, including the Withdrawal Agreement Bill
  • Investment decisions being considered/affected in the current climate
  • Current and putative trade issues, e.g. tariffs
  • EU negotiation process (timetables, implementation process)
  • Business readiness for 31st December 2020.

We are also looking to impart information from BFA members on the following areas:

  • Goods – including borders issues, tariffs, rules of Origin, and customs
  • Services – including MRPQ (Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications), mode IV mobility, and digital
  • Level playing field – including competition, state aid, environment and climate change
  • Horizontal issues – including European funding programmes, Electricity and Gas, Intellectual property, Carbon Pricing and Consumer Protection.
  • Other – including future immigration and data adequacy

This information is vital if we are to provide a united ‘voice’ to Government from the footwear industry so please get in touch  here