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BFA members Dunkelman are best known for their extensive rage of shoe
products from laces and shoe trees to cleaners & polishes from brands including
Dasco, Angel Feet, and shoe sanitisers from Tarrago.
The range of Tarrago products can be seen below with exclusive trade prices for
BFA members.

Contact John Hummel at BFA Member Dunkelman to discuss their range of Hand
santiser products.

Dunkelman are based in Desborough, Northamptonshire
Email: Tel:01536 760760
Pretty Legs – hand sanitiser see full details below.
Contact David Lawler on 07932 758252

Hand Sanitiser – 78% Alcohol, contains Aloe Vera 125ml – Pack of 24
THF02125 – RRP £5.00 – Trade £2.20 per bottle

Multi Surface Cleaner – 78% Alcohol, Easy pull trigger 300ml – Pack of 24
THF03300 – RRP £8.50 – Trade £3.75 per bottle

Hand Gel – 78% Alcohol, contains Aloe Vera 115ml – Pack of 24
THF011115 – RRP £4.50 – Trade £2.00 per bottle

Hand Gel 1ltr – 78% Alcohol, contains Aloe Vera 1ltr – Pack of 12
THP01001 – RRP £17.50 – Trade £7.75 per bottle

78% Alcohol, trigger spray
Tarrago hydroalcoholic gel, cleans hands and provides a total hand hygiene system. Easy to use, no rinsing required. Contains Aloe Vera for skin hydration. 78% Alcohol
Dunkelman & Son Ltd

Eagle Avenue, Magnetic Park, Desborough, Northants, NN14 2WD
E-Mail: Tel:01536 760760
Tarrago hydroalcoholic gel, cleans hands and provides a total hand hygiene system. Easy to use, no rinsing required. Contains Aloe Vera for skin hydration. 78% Alcohol
total hygiene solution. Easy to use, no rinsing required. Tarrago hand sanitiser spray, cleans hands and provides a 78% Alcohol, pump spray

Cleaner spray for all surfaces. Eliminates dirty without rinsing. Can be used on all surfaces including footwear.

Seacoast Pharma Ltd
Offer a liquid solution tested and proven to neutralise 99.999% of pathogens and is included on the NHS Approved Supply list.

Containing no alcohol or chemicals means it is non-flammable and completely non-toxic,
allowing it to be used liberally around people, animals and food and on all hard and soft
surfaces without harm.

SaniMist: The liquid disinfectant can be used in our hand-held fogging devices to quickly and easily treat entire areas from floor to ceiling, without having to vacate customers or staff.

It is safe to use in store on all surfaces and shoes after they have been handled or tried on. The particle mist is very fine, it does not need to be wiped off and achieves full effect within 10 seconds and dry within 60 seconds. Because the mist is ‘pushed’ through the nozzle, it will easily reach down into boots too.

99.999% effective and can be used as many times per day as is needed without any harmful dermatological effects.

Hand sanitiser gel: With floor and wall mounted dispensers designed to integrate with in-store and factory set up and are all hands free, operated by foot, elbow or infrared to give peace of mind and encourage customer use with our signage customised to your specifications.

Wheelchair accessible dispensing points are provided too.

Sanitiser gel is also available in hand-held sizes for office use and where a fixed dispenser is not practical.

The range of products are manufactured in the UK and could be branded with your logo.
Contact Jamie Burke Tel: 07980 885984 or email:

Bowling Vision
Have a product that is used in Bowling Alleys to sanitise footwear. The product is 90% alcohol and 10% broad spectrum bio-side plus scents. This is a Northamptonshire based family business who are manufacturing the product in the UK and could brand the product with your logo. They have been distributing this product for over 10 years here in the UK.

Contact Jack Trend Tel: 01536 412244 or email: jack.trend@bowling
Dew Products Also offer disinfectant and sanitiser which several members have already purchased.

Pretty Legs – facemasks and hand sanitiser Pretty Legs based in Lutterworth, can provide
you with non-surgical anti-viral facemasks and hand sanitiser.
Contact David Lawler on 07932 758252

Able Print – signs Able Print can produce a range of signage (to include your company colours and logo) to help encourage safe conditions in the workplace. They have a team of graphic designers on hand to help design whatever signs or stickers you need and can also make sure these are designed with your brand guidelines in mind.

Contact Tom Pace Tel: 01604 813 003 M. 07595655248 or email:
Adams Plastics – Acrylic Product Specialist

A company based in Glasgow, recommended, amongst other acrylic products, for their clear, portable acrylic screens View their range here or get in touch with them here if you need to talk through specific needs.

Contact Alan Tel: 01355 574743 or email:

Please Note: The above list are suggestions from BFA. BFA accepts no liability in the effectiveness of the products listed. Companies must review their own
risk assessment to determine what product is right for their business and the level of protection you wish to provide for your staff and customers.