The Society of Shoe Fitters and Children’s Foot Health Register are continually pushing the government for more recognition and action regarding children’s shoe fitting.  With online sales so popular there is huge concern that parents are merely looking at a gauge and thinking that is the size and fitting their child requires, without realising that there is so much more to professional shoe fitting and that a gauge is merely a guide.

The NHS have now included an item about the importance of shoe fitting on the NHS website.  It is a small step, but better than nothing and hopefully bigger strides to come going forward.

Secretary Laura West said ‘The only point of difference that a small shop or independent has in the battle against online and direct sales is their personal service.  Knowledge is power and the public are tiring of a general dumbing down  in all aspects of retail, and life as we know it now.  Specialisation and not being afraid to shout about your qualification and skill is vital, and our members who are media savvy and use social media on a daily basis are reaping the rewards’. 

 ‘We continue to support our members most recently with COVID-19 showcards and information, and offering discounted courses for more than one student, as well as various other initiatives to let our members know they are not alone and our charity is fighting for them’.  For more information contact:  Rosemary Gray, President: