According to Lefaso, the local association, Vietnam’s footwear exports in the first half of the current year have reached 7.06 billion US dollars, a 13.2% increase from similar period last year

Using data sourced from the Vietnamese Customs Department, Lefaso (Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association) confirmed footwear exports continue to growth in the country. During the first half of 2017 total footwear exports reached 7.06 billion US dollars, increasing 13.2% from similar period last year (6.24 billion US dollars).

Main destination market for Vietnamese footwear continues to be the United States, with a total of 2.45 billion US dollars’ worth of footwear reaching the North American country. In fact North America is the main region for Vietnamese footwear exports, with a share of 38.7% in total, followed by the EU (European Union) with a quota of 32.0% in total.

The US are responsible for 89.9% of all Vietnamese made footwear heading to the North America region. In the EU four countries take up 69.1% of all shoes entering the Union and coming from Vietnam: Germany, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands.

At country level, and as previously mentioned, the US continue to be the main client for Vietnam’s footwear companies, followed by China (522.5 million US dollars), Germany (493.8 million US dollars), Belgium (454.7 million US dollars) and Japan (364.1 million US dollars).

Compared to similar period last year, the 13.2% increase in footwear exports results from growth across most markets, and especially in the main destinations. China deserves to be highlighted as exports to that market increase more than 30% in the first semester of 2017, compared to similar period in 2016.