From the first design idea to the finished shoe in just a few hours. The shoe manufacturer continues to invest in the German headquarter and thus drives the automation of its own model development and production ahead.

In order to be able to produce faster and more cost-effectively in the future, CAPRICE inaugurated a digital production line at its in-house research and development centre in Pirmasens Germany earlier this week.
This is made possible by the concatenation of 3D design and printing, last scanners, a fully automated photo studio, cutting plotters, and a digital leather cutter of the latest generation. Existing lasts, soles, heels, and shoe accessories can be scanned and modified to be subsequently printed as a new 3D model. Meanwhile, the entire design process is
carried out completely digitally, before a cutting table cuts out the desired items from all kinds of leather, which are then further processed into the finished shoe.

“It is essential for us to continuously implement new technologies in all areas of the company in order to further increase our high-quality level. With the commissioning of the digital production line, we now have the opportunity to develop our collections on site in real time and to produce special series, “says Jürgen Cölsch, Managing Partner of CAPRICE. The company invested a high six-figure amount in the plant.