Emu Australia 2 Low Res.jpg 1EMU Australia has partnered with Amblique to develop a global digital commerce offering that showcases its “Ever Natural” philosophy on the Demandware® Commerce Platform.

Born from Australian coastal origins and now distributed in over 70 countries, EMU Australia leveraged Amblique’s E-commerce expertise and Demandware’s global commerce capabilities to build and simultaneously launch ten sites in key global markets including Australia, NZ, China,
Canada, the US, Japan, the UK and Europe.
“The online environment is critical for sharing our Ever Natural brand story, expanding our reach and delivering a world class customer experience.” Says Sue Meehan, Global E-commerce Manager.
“Choosing a robust global platform such as Demandware was key to showcasing EMU’s innovation and craftsmanship in all our products.” Continues Meehan.

The global suite of EMU websites provide a strong mobile experience, showcase the EMU brand and its Ever Natural story, include rich product content, social media aggregation and an easy path to purchase.
“We know that once people engage with EMU products they love them. So the new platform provides deeper, more technical information and richer, engaging content, particularly video.” Says Sue Meehan.

“We are delighted to be working with EMU Australia, a premium Aussie brand with a rich story and high quality product that has worldwide appeal. This project was all about creating a digital platform that enables EMU to inspire customers with it’s story, provide engaging content on the quality of the product design and construction and ultimately convert on a global scale via localised sites in key markets. We leverage our rapid implementation methodology and the Demandware platform to deploy all 10 localised sites in a 6 month timeframe.” Says Justus Wilde, Amblique’s
Principal Strategist.
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Born from Australian coastal origins, EMU blends innovation with the best natural materials, delivering
total comfort.
EMU’s global head office is located in Geelong, Australia, with international offices situated in Michigan,
Vancouver, London, and Hamburg.