Summary of Insights:

  • The UK, it is estimated that elderly people’s falls are costing the NHS £1.7B annually. A recent comparative study showed that minimal shoes improve stability & mobility in persons with a history of falls.
  • Whilst 95% of people are born with healthy feet, by the time they we grow up, 80% experience foot deformity & pain in the North America. This relates to 70-80% of adults suffering back pain, 37% of over 50’s having knee pain. Common foot problems, back and knee pain are extremely rare in indigenous populations.
  • There are 600K+ forefoot surgeries in America annually, 90% of them are performed on women, 75% of those surgeries are caused by narrow, stiff, heeled shoes.


24th February 2022 –Vivobarefoot has announced the launch of VIVOHEALTH, a comprehensive health and training platform providing customers the tools needed to begin their journey towards natural health. Offering a catalogue of tailored courses and real-world experiences, the innovative new service from Vivo provides a gateway into the fundamentals of barefoot movement as nature intended. Courses and experiences provided by VIVOHEALTH will offer users the means to begin enjoying increased flexibility, range of movement and above all, a greater connection to our bodies and the planet. This starts with our feet.

VIVOHEALTH launches as a timely solution to increasing public inactivity and disconnection from nature, as well as the associated long-term health consequences. The launch of the new service follows two years within which activity amongst adults and children has fallen dramatically, findings confirmed in 2021 by Sport England. Incidental activity in everyday lifestyles also continues to decline; our surroundings doing little to encourage healthy, regular activity or provide meaningful connection to the natural world. To remedy this, VIVOHEALTH courses will provide the means to maximise our movement every day and connect feet first with our bodies and minds as nature intended.

Launching 1st March 2022, VIVOHEALTH will offer the tools needed to do away with the sedentary lifestyles many of us have become accustomed to. Courses, content and experiences cover all levels of expertise ranging from fundamentals courses in the basics of adapting to barefoot movement through to advanced training courses for health professionals and coaches. VIVOHEALTH also provides the tools required to maximise the mental health benefits of a natural lifestyle. Modern, conventional footwear dramatically reduces the flow of information to the brain limiting important physical factors such as balance and spatial awareness. By ensuring our brains are properly stimulated, those accessing the VIVOHEALTH service will enjoy the benefits of improved cognitive function and mental well-being.

Speaking about the new platform, Galahad Clark, founder and CEO of Vivobarefoot said, “Humans have walked, run and climbed across our planet for generations. After years of research showcasing the benefits of natural movement, we want to make this knowledge accessible to all. By building a catalogue of tailored courses and real-life experiences, we are providing the tools for Vivo communities to start or enhance their journey towards natural health and our natural capacity for healthy, happy, long lives in harmony with nature.”


The launch of VIVOHEALTH will also introduce customers to the brand’s new barefoot transition tool – a free to use service that makes recommendations on the best path to barefoot living based on routines, and lifestyle habits. To celebrate the launch of VIVOHEALTH the brand will be offering the barefoot Fundamentals course free of charge with first purchase of Primus Lite III.

From March 2022, the VIVOHEALTH hub will be regularly updated to feature new courses and experiences delivered by the world’s leading natural health experts and professionals. Courses will feature across a range of disciplines providing a clear, concise framework with which to integrate barefoot disciplines and natural movement skills into daily life. The launch  marks a pivotal step in the brand’s ongoing commitment to tackling the effect modern footwear on the nation’s feet; ground-breaking research recently confirming that wearing barefoot shoes for just six months increases foot strength by up to 60%.

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