It often isn’t a pretty subject, and perhaps that’s why us Brits hide away in socks so much, but this week Pavers Shoes have revealed the top 10 most common foot problems according to their National Foot Health week survey.

National Foot Health Week starts on the 7th of March 2022. Coming in at the top spot is Athlete’s Foot, with 23% of those surveyed suffering from this condition, closely followed by fungal nail infections at 20%. Both can be treated at home using creams and sprays from the pharmacy, plus clean cotton-rich socks. It is vital to act quickly as both conditions can spread.

A joint third place, at 16.8%, is shared between corns and dry feet. Corns can be relieved with soft insoles or gel pads, combined with wide, comfortable shoes, whist the classic dry feet can be solved with some quality moisturiser!

Also on the list was Plantar Fasciitis, which requires shoes with ample arch support and a firm and flexible midsole, and Fallen Arches which can be aided with wide, low heel comfortable shoes. The good news is that of the 500 people surveyed 59% do seek help for problems with their feet, with the GP being their first port of call.

Check out the full top ten conditions below: 1. Athletes Foot – 23.2% 2. Fungal Nail Infections – 19.6% 3. Corns – 16.8% 4. Dry Feet – 16.8% 5. Bunions – 16.6% 6. Arthritis (which effects your feet or ankles) – 13.8% 7. Ingrowing Toenails – 12% 8. Plantar Fasciitis – 10.6% 9. Swelling Feet – 9.6% 10. Fallen Arches – 8%.

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