The powers for the members of new Chairman Siro Badon’s team have been decided. The assignment of duties and responsibilities to the Deputy Chairmenwas the first step towards the implementation of the new projects in a sector that is constantly evolving Siro Badon’s term as Chairman of Assocalzaturifici for the years 2019-2023 was consolidated today with the assignment of the powers to his new Deputy Chairmen.

This step means the executive board supporting the new Chairman at the helm of the Association is now fully operational.

As highlighted by Badon in his inaugural address, the cornerstones of the Association’s activities in the coming years will be Italian manufacturing, innovation in the sector, sustainability of the production cycle, as well as a focus on trade fairs and a close dialogue with institutions.

In accordance with this vision and the articles of association, the Chairman will be responsible for all institutional activities, in particular those involving Confindustria Moda and Confindustria, aside from supervising the organisation of MICAM, an event which is increasingly central to the policies for promoting business in the sector at an international level.

The assignment of the powers to Deputy Chairmen (Federico Bartoli for Training; Giovanna Ceolini for Europe; Pasquale della Pia for digitalisation and sustainability; Salina Ferretti for Asia, America, Seoul, Tokyo and children’s footwear; Giampietro Melchiorri for Russia and the former CIS bloc countries and Emerging Countries) will make it possible to implement the course of action expressed by the Chairman and agreed with the Meeting of Shareholders, while identifying the individuals that will be responsible for the Association’s activities.

In particular: FEDERICO BARTOLI of the company Tiger Flex Srl (Monsummano Terme, Potenza) will be
responsible for training: this is a strategic area for the competitiveness of Italian footwear. It is essential, on the one hand, for updating producers on the new technologies that are available in sector, and on the other for creating new skills and welcoming on board new generations ofworkers in each phase of the production process.

Federico Bartoli, class of 1974, represents the third generation of the family which founded the company Tiger Flex in 1952. Federico Bartoli has been working in the company’s historic factory in Monsummano, characterised by the iconic Tiger on the roof, since 1998, and was around to witness the event which changed the face of the whole sector in 2002, with the acquisition of the shoe factory by the Kering-Gucci group. He has been production director since
2008. As he sees it there are three essential components in work: excellence, efficiency and  passion.

Federico Bartoli has held important posts in Confindustria Northern Tuscany since 2014, as chairman of the leather and footwear section, where the first point of his policy programme concerned training.