A new social network that connects consumer to shop, shop to agent, agent to brand and brand to world, is the promise of Mardi Gras PR, a new Footwear Industry Specific Social Media and PR Company.  Its mission is to provide an accessible and approachable service in which to build pages on any Social Media platform to suit individual requirements, content created in tune with the ethos of the business along with a maintenance service to keep your customers connected.

Following conversations with friends in the footwear industry, Mardi Gras’s Managing Director Paul Ditch learnt of an increasingly vital, yet widely absent aspect to the Footwear Industry. Paul hoped he could inject an extra aid in the growth of trade throughout the UK using Social Media.  And thus, Mardi Gras PR was born.

The company claims to understand the constraints of running a business – the time consuming task of creating innovative content, studying the best times of day to post, physically posting content, followed by responding to customers and maintaining your Social Media accounts, is time that many business owners will simply not have to spare.

 For an average package Mardi Gras offers to  set up your social media channels, then work with you to establish the correct feel of the business to represent you in the manner in which you want to been seen by your target audience. They can then adapt, crop, filter and flourish your content to make it engaging for your audience and then share your relevant content numerous times a day at times designed to optimise your outreach.

Amongst all the jargon and general frills, you may know this type of ‘marketing’ is needed and yet may not fully understand the extent of which these tools can be utilised to your full advantage. If this applies to you, or you simply require some hints and tips on how to expand your current Social Media activity, you are invited to email Paul at info@mardigras-pr.co.ukmardi-logo_edited