Over the next few years, CAPRICE are planning to expand their position as one of the most innovative shoe companies.
BLUE GRIP is the prelude to the new BLUE INNOVATION LINE, which will be introduced for the Fall/Winter 2018/19 season.

“Right from the beginning it was our aspiration to produce shoes of impressive quality and fit, providing customers with an added value that is exclusive to our products”, says CAPRICE CEO Jürgen Cölsch.

The styles equipped with BLUE GRIP focus on high-quality sole and heel designs that meet the requirements and demands of well-adhering footwear. Concave, mobile GRIP shells built into the soles and heels adapt to different ground conditions. Due to their flexibility, on contact with the ground these shells form edges to enhance adhesion.

Different tread mixtures and varying degrees of hardness in the materials used result in optimum slip resistance. Ultra-fine cuts in the tread bars of the soles and heels also ensure outstanding
ground adhesion thanks to their ability to open and close. The
inserted slats significantly improve slip resistance by spreading under pressure, thereby increasing their surface area.

In characteristic CAPRICE Blue, the innovative elements also function as a distinctive visual feature that will be used in all upcoming innovations of the BLUE INNOVATION LINE.
“CAPRICE combines classic craftsmanship with the very latest production techniques. This enables us to unite the functionality of a shoe with its fashionable design. For us at CAPRICE it is essential to meet the increasing demands of our customers for innovative footwear. We are heavily investing in research and development in order to offer alternatives to all the low-quality products pushing into the market, “says Cölsch.

Images 08.01.2018

A new type of sole construction and heel starts off the BLUE INNOVATION LINE by the Pirmasens shoe manufacturers, who will be presenting further innovations over the next few years.


Flexible GRIP shells and opening slats within the tread structures provide improved ground adhesion.

Improved slip resistance even on smooth surfaces, thanks to the new BLUE
GRIP technology.