At El Naturalista we wanted to be faithful to our principles and launch a totally ‘Friendly’ collection where all materials are recycled and vegan, thanks to a fabric produced with materials of non-animal origin, imitating a skin appearance and texture with the features and high performance, quality and durability.

All inside components of the shoe are 100% chrome free. With all the properties of rubber, recycled rubber is obtained from either leftover or reutilised material.

Recycled Rubber Outsoles / Sensation of leather.

100% Waterproof.

Material of soft and light textura with great breathability. Extremely versatile. Very good comfort sensation. Casual style.

100% Waterproof. Material of soft and light texture with great breathability. Material: grain cowhide.

Very comfortable.

These shoes have been created with recycled truck inner tube. It is one of the most sustainable lines of the season. Recycled truck inner.