As third generation shoemakers, we are closely linked to the roots of our craft. We are always looking for new ways to further improve our products. Our motivation is to develop shoes that impress with their comfort and high-quality workmanship. The feeling of velvety soft leather that covers the foot like a second skin, merges with patented wellness innovations to create a unique walking experience.


CAPRICE presents a harmonious design spectrum with the current 200 models containing Autumn/Winter Collection 2019/20, which impresses through purposefully placed nuances in the design. Filigree last shapes are given more expression and become fashionable highlights through new distinctive sole types that perfectly complement the individual style both in everyday life and on special occasions.
Soft nubuck leathers in warm autumn shades and elegantly finished nappas underline the character of the new CAPRICE collection, which impresses with its exquisite materials and a superb fit.

SOFTER, MORE FLEXIBLE AND MORE PRECIOUS! Farmed in the seemingly endless landscape in the heart of Africa, this lamb leather is among the finest of its kind worldwide.

With the utmost precision and unconditional passion, this first-class natural material is processed stitch by stitch into unique shoe creations.

Pure luxury for your feet.

WESTERN AND COWBOY BOOTS are among the trendiest shoe types in the upcoming season and are interpreted by CAPRICE in a very unique way.

These designs are made for everyday use, without losing the glamor that results from small applications on the shoe.
Wider shafts create an urban flair and increase the comfortability.

These models are offered in different blasts and heights. Traditional stitching and functional elements also guarantee an authentic Western look.

Modern BIKER and HIKING BOOTS continue to be among the key fashion trends of the upcoming season. Subtle sole profiles reduce their rebellious appearance. So they can be easily combined with classic ladylike outfits that put the shoe at the center of attention. Despite striking details such as studs and buckles, the feminine last shape is not lost.

These models are characterized by their versatility.

A casual look paired with the functionality of a hiking boot. Lightweight soles guarantee a comfortable walking experience.

ANIMAL PRINTS celebrate their brilliant comeback. Zebra, snake and tiger patterns are integrated into the designs in eye-catching colors, without being obtrusive. This trend is by no means limited to certain shoe types.
From sneakers to boots, current bestsellers are presented in a fresh look and become absolute eyecatchers.
For the cold winter months, warm-lined shoes are an absolute must have. CAPRICE cleverly integrates the exquisite lining materials and Fake Furs into the design so that a coherent overall appearance is created.
Elegant, detail-loving and functional.

CAPRICE Premium is
impressive with its feminine
last shapes and a clear philosophy.
Select materials and
classic elegance are reinterpreted
with contemporary understanding.

The focus is on
leather as a natural material,
which is intensively employed
for all our Premium shoes.
CAPRICE Comfort does
away with the mantra that
shoes have to be either
comfortable or fashionable.

Our new models make it
clear that the compromise
between stylish design and
comfortable fit has long since
become obsolete.

The combination of modern
shoe styles and exciting
materials makes you forget
the times when you had to
choose between either of
the two.

All models in the Comfort
line are width H.

The styles equipped with BLUE
GRIP focus on high-quality sole
and heel designs that meet the
requirements and demands of
well-adhering footwear. Concave,
mobile GRIP shells built into
the soles and heels adapt to different
ground conditions. Due to
their flexibility, on contact with the
ground these shells form edges to enhance adhesion.

Within the patented CAPRICE onAIR INSOLE,
up to 300 air-filled hemispheres ensure optimum
air circulation with each step as well as ideal foot climate.
A further advantage: The springy effect of the balls
will relieve your whole body.

The air chamber system developed
by CAPRICE softens your steps by more than 50%.
Thus, our onAIR ANTISHOKK technology helps
you effectively to protect your spine, your
spinal discs and joints – every day afresh.