The well-known chef has been responsible for making the celebration cake and is the brand´s patron. The designer, on the other hand, has been a collaborator of the firm for many years.

 The chef and dessert specialist Samantha Vallejo Nájera has become the brand´s patron during the celebrations. According to Garvalín´s management team, her dynamic spirit, her spontaneity and her chemistry with the children were decisive when considering her for teaming up with the brand at this milestone point in its history.

The Elche firm has been manufacturing children’s shoes since 1968, and to celebrate their 50 years they have prepared different initiatives: cookery courses for kids, gift breakfast bowls in Garvalín retail outlets, or a commemorative edition of its “1968” model.

The designer and collaborator of the firm, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, also wanted to be part of the celebrations of the brand and so she attended the anniversary party held a few days ago in Elche, at the company’s headquarters. A party set in the world of children where employees and suppliers took stock of the brand´s history. An unforgettable party for the entire Garvalín family, which faces the new challenges of the brand with great enthusiasm.

To close this special year, in October, Garvalín will be holding a very special event at the Parque Warner theme park in Madrid, which will be full of surprises.

About Garvalín

Since launching its first collection in 1968, Garvalín occupies a prominent place in the children’s footwear scene. It has its headquarters in the city of Elche (Alicante), in a region historically dedicated to the shoe industry. Its business strength and professional reputation credit Garvalín as a benchmark in its sector, which is renowned both for its strong presence in the Spanish market and its broad international presence.

The firm offers a wide range of products through its three brands: Garvalín, Biomecanics and Agatha Ruíz de la Prada. This diversification in the offer provides an adapted response to the different audiences in an increasingly demanding global environment.