Lugina Schuhfabrik GmbH was founded in 1960. The name was inspired by Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland. 1966 saw the launch of the Waldläufer brand – inspired by the popular Gabriel Ferry story set in Canada and translated as Der Waldläufer in German. The image of a North American trapper adorned every Waldläufer shoe from this point onwards.


In 2010 the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary with a 1.5 million euro investment in a 7,000 sq m photovoltaic plant, which saves around 350 tonnes of CO2 each year. In 2016 the brand was relaunched with the leaf logo used on all products today.


This year is Waldläufer’s 60th anniversary and to celebrate they have added four Spring/Summer instock styles of their extremely popular H fitting Lana trainers in North American Deerskin – not only a beautiful leather to wear but also a reference to the country and stories that inspired the name Waldläufer.  60 years of comfort, innovation and German shoemaking tradition – still manufactured by hand in Europe.