Pikolinos Group has said that it continues to grow in the UK market thanks to the solid positioning of its star style, Vigo. It’s a women’s mountain-style ankle boot in a variety of colours that appeals to a wide audience over the age of 35.

The company said its evolution since 2021 – following Brexit – has been positive, with 26 per cent growth between 2022-2023. One of the key factors has been the positioning of the Vigo style on an international level, hitting numerous points of sale and gaining public recognition.

This style has also been accepted by a broad spectrum of women who wear this versatile shoe on a host of occasions, from everyday wear to going out and in their free time. This style has reached a 55 per cent market penetration, with a presence in over half of multi-brand points of sale.

The Vigo boot is constructed of 100 per cent calfskin leather upper, with a laced and adjustable zipper closure. Inside it features a cushioned, removable insole; the memory foam insole contains 85 per cent recycled material, offering maximum arch and heel comfort due to arch support technology giving extra cushioned support.

But Pikolinos isn’t just about women’s footwear. In fact, a high percentage of sales come from the men’s segment – with a 63 per cent penetration of the York ankle boot. Made with Sympatex technology, these men’s biker-style ankle boots are ideal for teaming with a casual and carefree style. These are also made of 100 per cent calfskin leather upper with a cushioned, removable insole inside.

In terms of seasonality, Pikolinos said the Summer collection is stronger than the Winter collection.