NEROGIARDINI_LOGO_33KEnrico BraMay Footwear News MotoGP Jerezcalente, sole director and owner of B.A.G. S.p.A., has decided to launch a new project to internationalise the company-owned fashion and footwear brand NeroGiardini.

The goal set by the entrepreneur is to make NeroGiardini, the leading brand in the Italian market with its men’s and women’s footwear, a reference point also for the European markets.

In this framework of brand internationalization, B.A.G. S.p.A. has entered into an important agreement with Dorna Sports, the organizer of the MotoGP World Championship, becoming title sponsor of the Austrian Grand Prix, scheduled for the 14th August. It will also sponsor the four Spanish Grand Prix – Jerez, Barcelona, Aragon and Valencia – and the two Italian Grand Prix – Misano
and Mugello.

“The agreement with the MotoGP World Championship will give us tremendous visibility and will bring our brand to the world” explains Enrico Bracalente. “Moreover I would like to emphasize that
NeroGiardini is the first footwear brand to be a title sponsor of a Grand Prix.”

This significant marketing investment is only the first step in the internationalization strategy. In fact, the entrepreneur wants to export to Europe the same model adopted in the domestic market, a model based on the excellent quality of its Made in Italy products and on efficient customer service.

The decision not to allow the sale of NeroGiardini products online through e-commerce platforms finds its explanation in this context.
“A choice”, underlines Enrico Bracalente, “that protects our retailers primarily. In fact, with our new method, which actually replaces e-commerce, in 3-4 days we are able to deliver reorders, even of two pairs, to retailers throughout Europe. The excellence of our service consists in having the current season’s best-selling styles always available.”

Made in the late 1990s, the decision to maintain a Made in Italy production is one of the key factors in the effectiveness of this service, which is being developed further. A second logistics platform is being designed, and it will allow the retailer to enter into the company’s warehouse virtually, in order to view the real-time availability of the best-selling products and then decide to reorder.
Given such a short timeframe for reorders, this innovative service is an additional protection for the end consumer who has the chance to try on the shoes in store and choose whether to purchase them
or not.

Exclusively for Corriere della Sera, one of the major Italian newspapers, the German Institute for Quality and Finance has surveyed 388 companies from 70 different sectors and has ranked
NeroGiardini, for the second year running, as the best Italian brand in the footwear industry for the quality of services offered to end consumers.