Jana has recently opened its first shop-in-shop concept at Schuhhaus Peppel (Nürnberger Straße 29, 91052 Erlangen in Germany). On an area of 20m² the brand Jana is presented on a high-quality furniture concept. The modern and functional design accentuates the excellent value-for-money of the Jana brand and provides a sales-promoting presentation of the footwear. It fits perfectly within the retail shop in Erlangen and provides an attractive eye-catcher. The first weeks of selling were very pleasant. “The new shop-in-shop concept has been well received by customers.” (Ulrike Peppel, business manager of Schuhhaus Peppel GmbH).

The Jana brand has long been established as one of the leading providers of fashionable comfort shoes with in European shoe retailers. To further expand the brand presence in stores, Jana has developed a high-quality furniture concept which presents Jana in an attractive brand world. The range of furnishings also includes smaller Identity-Wall solutions for an optimized and brand-oriented presentation also on smaller-sized areas.


If you have any queries or are interested in using our facilities, you can contact us: info@jana-shoes.com, +49(0)5231/605 04


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