LACOSTE is entering a new cycle and today is unveiling #crocodileinside.

Freedom of mind and movement, creativity, sportsmanship and tenacity, these values, initiated by René Lacoste, are also those of today’s most inspiring personalities. To embody this energy, the Lacoste polo has become the brand ambassador: an iconic product appropriated by each of our talents with ease and modernity.

Combining elegance of style and spirit, they have the #crocodileinside

Chloé Sevigny, American actress.

Coming from a conservative background, Chloé escaped to New York at the age of 18 and soon began a career as model and then actress. Thanks to her assured acting, she was later nominated for an Oscar and became an icon of the world-famous independent cinema

Alton Mason, American model.

Before becoming a world-famous model, Alton studied dancing and worked hard to achieve his ambitions, and was nominated for the BET Awards. Today he appears in fashion shows all over the world and poses for the camera of the greatest photographers.

Tenacious, creative and free minded, today’s icons have all become role models thanks to their talent. They have been photographed here by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, an English photographer who has the gift of showing the nature of each of the personalities he shoots.

 Moha La Squale, French rapper.

Despite a difficult childhood, Moha, the free thinker, was spotted by the Belgian film director Barney Frydman, who advised him to enrol at the Cours Florent.  It was on the rap scene that he became well-known and was able to free himself. His determination makes him a real crocodile

Rod Paradot, French actor.

Coming from a humble background, Rod did not originally intend to go into the film industry. Yet it was his first film that won him fame and a Cesar for the Most Promising Actor at the age of 19.

Coming from all over the world, with a look or a pose, they all express their own personality and special relationship with the LACOSTE polo. They combine elegance of style and spirit.

Serena Motola, Japanese actress and model.

At only 19, Serena Motola started modelling in her native Japan. Rapidly scouted, she appeared in several series for fashion magazines, became the subject of a photo exhibition and began a career in films in 2018.

 Asap Nast, American rapper.

Asap Nast was born in Harlem (New York) and from an early age knew that he wanted a career in music. This LACOSTE fan, a crocodile under his skin, founded Asap Mob and quickly made himself known and acknowledged by his peers.

Noah Becker, German DJ.

Son of the legendary tennis player Boris Becker, Noah quickly became interested in music and fashion. He persisted in his research on electronic sounds and soon made a name for himself as a DJ

Salif Gueye, French-Senegalese dancer.

Salif gained his fame by performing in the streets of Paris. The social networks made him a star. His hard work has led him to dance all over the world.

Created in 1933 by René Lacoste, the polo soon became an essential piece in a chic and casual wardrobe worldwide.  In 2019 it has found new energy through these young talents, and reaffirms its position as a world-famous symbol.

Ebonee Davis, American model and activist.

At just 24, Ebonee is an acknowledged model and activist. In particular she campaigns against the exclusion from opportunities given to women of colour and has taken part in a TED Talk. Her determination and her freedom of thought will not stop her before a real change has taken place within the fashion industry.

 Sang Woo, Korean artist.

Sang has always preferred listening to his instinct and creative spirit rather than the rules given to him when he was growing up. He had to stand up to a high level of pressure within his family and has become a well-known multidisciplinary artist.


Jamie Bochert, American model.


Jamie was first spotted at the beginning of 2000 and soon became the figurehead of the androgynous style, now known as gender fluid. Throughout her career, she has been the muse of a number of designers and still continues to be a trendsetter.



Clara 3000, French DJ.


Before she was even 20, Clara Deshayes, alias Clara 3000, drew the attention of Pedro Winter. Within a few years, she made a name for herself on the electronic music scene and became a Parisian icon due both to her energetic compositions and various activities as an actress and ambassador of small ultra-trendy brands.


Novak Djokovic, Serbian tennis player

Considered as one of the greatest players in the history of tennis, Novak Djokovic shares the same values of Fair-Play, tenacity and freedom of movement as the founder of the company, René Lacoste.


These new images will be presented in the Lacoste shops worldwide and on from 16 April 2019.