Manufacturing and supply chain expo Pure Origin, taking place alongside Festival of Fashion
Pure London on the 21 st – 23 rd July at London Olympia, will spotlight innovations and new
technology from some of the industry’s most exciting and innovative suppliers and
manufacturers with a focus on solutions to environmental issues.

Launching in the UK at Pure Origin is brand-new leather tanning agent Olivenleder® from
German sustainable leather solutions business wet-green which has the potential to lead
the global leather production industry to a responsible future that is sustainable and healthy.
Made using olive leaves, it is designed to reduce the damage the traditional leather
production process can do to the environment.

Pure Origin met with Thomas Lamparter, Head of Sales at wet-green to find out more:

“The leather tanning process is a complex one, and for us, the bare minimum in
sustainability was just not enough! We’ve gone from being a niche product, used only in a
few cars at BMW and a selection of upholstery and accessories, to being involved with many
other automotive companies. We have introduced Olivenleder® into the design process for
several models, as well as expanding our business from the motor, upholstery and saddling
industries to footwear as well. A collaboration with a major German fashion label is our first
entry into the fashion industry and a range of accessories, garments and shoes made of
Olivenleder® will be introduced before the end of the year.

We believe that true luxury unfolds when superior craftsmanship meets a commitment to
responsibility. The wet-green patented procedure has the potential to lead the global leather

production industry to a responsible future that is sustainable and healthy – for us and for
our environment. This is the future that we aim for.”

What exactly is Olivenleder®?
“It is a tanning agent made from olive leaves. We describe our process as “tanning a by-
product with another by-product”. They tan skin as a by-product from the meat and dairy
industry, using olive leaves which are a by-product of olive growing. In contrast to
conventional tanning agents, there’s no mining for chrome, no crude oil used, and no tree is
felled or sacrificed. The olive leaves are purely a by-product of another industry.”

Sustainability seems to be a key to your products, and Olivenleder® in particular. Why
is that?

“Leather is such a lovely material, with so many unique characteristics. If we want to ensure
that future generations recognise leather as a sustainable and ethical material, we need to
provide the solutions to prove this. As I’ve said, leather is a by-product of the meat industry;
as long as people eat meat, we can use the skin as a long-lasting and natural fabric rather
than creating artificial materials which ultimately pollute our environment. Skin is a naturally
biodegradable product and as long as it’s treated in a way that maintains its integrity it will
retain this property. That’s why we use olive leaves.”

What will visitors to Pure Origin discover?
“Visitors can expect to see Olivenleder® in many different colours and styles for different
applications. And we will be bringing some tanning agent for our legendary tanning agent

Pure Origin continues to evolve into the UK’s number one destination for sourcing and
manufacturing, knowledge and solutions. As a convenient and cost-effective way for buyers
to meet with UK and international manufacturers, Pure Origin brings together over 200
exhibitors from dozens of countries to create a wide range of business and networking
opportunities, new thinking and innovation. Garment and fabric suppliers, denim and textile
designers and technology brands attract buyers, sourcing, and technical personnel from the
likes of Asos, White Stuff, Victoria Beckham, River Island, JD Sports, Marks &
Spencer and Selfridges.

Pure London and Pure Origin takes place at London Olympia from the 21 st – 23 rd July 2019.
Visit for further information and highlights from the latest show.