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Following a survey amongst its podiatrist members, the College of Podiatry moved its annual Foot Health Month to April for 2019. The month is an opportunity for Health and Care Professions Council registered Podiatrists to work individually and together to promote the work of the profession. With the College of Podiatry offering pamphlets, posters, social media posts etc for podiatrists to use, it is a great opportunity for podiatrists to spread the word on the importance of good foot health in their locality.

I was delighted that on approaching Padders shoe store in Kettering about hosting a foot health stand in store, they were keen to work with me in promoting good foot health amongst their customers.  Padders stock a wide range of footwear and specialise in its own brand of shoes and orthotics in store. With both Padders and myself being associated with The Society of Shoe Fitters, it seemed somewhat apt that together we agreed that I should have a foot- health stand in Padders during the 2019  Society of ShoeFitters Shoe-Fitting Week in April!


Padders and I used our social media presence and posters in store to make the public aware of the days that a podiatrist- led foot health stand would be in the store, and how this would give subsequent opportunity for customers to ask me – the podiatrist, foot health questions, seek advice on footwear, take away literature about common foot complaints etc. Several folk did make a special visit during those days to seek my advice, others were interested in perusing the foot health stand, discussing their previous or present issues and taking advice on appropriate orthotics/footwear available to them instore.  The staff of Padders is so knowledgeable of the stores stock, that together we made a team effort in guiding the public in various aspects of good foot health care.

The foot health stand in Padders and all that it offered certainly was a positive event and yes, it was repeated in the months that followed. Such an event plays its part in furthering links between podiatry and shoe-fitting.

Jacqui Ward, Bsc (Hons)