Right from the start, CAPRICE had the goal to develop shoes that, while  standing out thanks to their workmanship and
fit, provide their customers with an added value.

The patented
onAIR technology is what made CAPRICE‘s shoes popular at an international level. Now the time has come for another step forward and for proving once more why our shoe
manufacturing company in the third generation is one of the most innovative businesses in the industry.

redefining the standards of comfortable walking.

With 200 models for the 2018/19 fall and winter season, the current line marks the start of the BLUE INNOVATION LINE.

Within this agenda, CAPRICE will showcase further innovations
over the next years, thereby underpinning our status
among the most progressive shoe producers.


New types of  shoes, high quality leather, ideal fit and trendy
designs round off the CAPRICE line in an imposing way.


starts off with BLUE GRIP, a new sole and heel technology
the unique properties of which ensure safe treading.

The styles equipped with BLUE GRIP focus on high-quality
sole and heel designs that meet the requirements and
demands of well-adhering footwear. Concave, mobile
GRIP shells built into the soles and heels adapt to different
ground conditions. Due to their fl exibility, on contact with
the ground these shells form edges to enhance adhesion.

Different tread mixtures and varying degrees of hardness
in the materials used result in optimum slip resistance.
Ultra-fine cuts in the tread bars of the soles and heels also
ensure outstanding ground adhesion thanks to their ability
to open and close. The inserted slats signifi cantly improve
slip resistance by spreading under pressure, thereby increasing
their surface area.

During the coming 2018/19 autumn and winter season,
CAPRICE will demonstrate that true beauty lies in the details.
Rivets, eyelets, and elaborately finished jewellery parts
contribute to the classy appearance, standing out thanks to
their subtle character. Satin shoe laces and functional elements
such as elastics and zippers blend in with the design,
making their contribution to the magnificent overall appearance.

Anwide range of colours will characterise the new season –
impressive without looking cluttered. Black, brown, cognac
and grey remain the major colours, while shades of bordeaux,
taupe and blue are increasingly employed.

On leathers soft as butter, innovative finishes will produce
amazing effects. Major highlights include materials engraved
with waffle structures in combination with subtle metallic

Spread over different types of leather, harmonious colour
families will cause visual excitement without being intrusive.
Metallics are the new basics, radiating calm and conveying
quality. The modern world meets the classical age, both
merging in a symbiosis of sparkle, glamour and serenity.

CAPRICE signifies complexity, inspiring women around the world with products that answer to all and any requirement of everyday life. Ankle boots in any type of heel-to-toe drop,
long-shaft boots in various widths, overknees – they are
all there in addition to your loafers and sneakers.

Lambskin, new wool, double face and warm lining have been employed more often during this season, increasing the functionality of the shoes and looking very fashionable at the same time.

Elegant, detail-loving and functional. CAPRICE Premium is
impressive with its feminine last shapes and a clear philosophy.
Select materials and classic elegance are reinterpreted
with contemporary understanding. The focus is on
leather as a natural material, which is intensively employed
for all our Premium shoes.

CAPRICE Comfort does away with the mantra that shoes have to be either comfortable or fashionable. Our new models make it clear that the compromise between stylish design and
comfortable fit has long since become obsolete. The combination of modern shoe styles and exciting materials makes you forget the times when you had to choose between either of the two. All models in the Comfort line are width H.

Due to its distinctive properties, deerskin belongs to the
ultimate top class of natural materials. It is soft and robust
at the same time. Thanks to its elasticity, it wraps the foot
perfectly, thus ensuring unmatchable wearing comfort.
Nevertheless, deerskin withstands the highest stresses and
provides a comfortable foot climate. Special attention is given
to the workmanship of the lining in these models to
make sure that a feeling of ultimate leather experience is

Within the patented CAPRICE onAIR INSOLE,
up to 300 air-filled hemispheres ensure optimum
air circulation with each step as well as ideal foot climate.
A further advantage: The springy effect of the balls
will relieve your whole body.
The air chamber system developed
by CAPRICE softens your steps by more than 50%.
Thus, our onAIR ANTISHOKK technology helps
you effectively to protect your spine, your
spinal discs and joints – every day afresh.