Obviously, Adam, you will have a vision for the future of the Vionic brand, I would like you to tell me about that vision?

 Vionic has a vision to become the world’s favourite year-round footwear brand.  I will be working with my team to bring this vision to Europe.  Over the last 11 years we have driven progressive, industry leading growth rates throughout the USA and we’re now partnering with some of the most desirable and influential retailers, such as Nordstrom.  We are driving success by proving that you can look good and feel good at the same time and as a result, consumers are consistently voting for the brand.  Not only are they buying into Vionic but they become addicted to our proposition and reward us with their loyalty.  I intend to replicate this success through consumer engagement and acquisition in partnership with select retailers.


How do you envisage the future of your role as Commercial Director of Vionic? What are your plans?

We have an exciting future ahead of us.  Vionic is disrupting the footwear category with its contemporary comfort positioning. We lead with style and utilise our proprietary technology to deliver addictive support.  Our USP is powerful and so we have a genuine reason to be present at retail.  Our focus centres around partnership and service.  We know (through proven models) that strong brand presentation, marketing investment and effective product communication will add tangible value.  Our overt goal is to drive sell through results and success, ultimately  creating additional business for our retail partners.


Do you feel that the experience you gained in your previous role at Sebago will help lead/influence your future decisions about Vionic?

 Absolutely. Vionic is a premium brand.  Today’s retail market continues to be heavily discounted which put’s significant pressure on brands and retailers alike.  It’s important to stay focused, to position the brand correctly and to drive product and marketing investments that create excitement and value for all including the brand, the retailer and the consumer.  Consistently driving and building the brand in this manner will ensure longevity.

How important are UK Independent retailers to your future plans for the brand?  Any plans for growth in this area?

Vionic sells through more than 4,000 independent  footwear retailers in the USA, where we are the fastest growing footwear brand in the market. As in the USA, the UK retail independent sector is hugely important for Vionic and therefore we have ambitious future growth plans for this channel. The service element amongst leading independent retailers continues to be the benchmark for the industry and provides for a positive and engaging consumer experience. At Vionic, we share the same values. We will only be sustainably successful if we put service and partnership at the top of our agenda. As an example, we have a robust training program appropriate tools for our retail partners to successfully engage customers and establish themselves as expert brand ambassadors for Vionic.


What is the story behind the brand.

 Vionic began with the work of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. Phillip was a true visionary.  He passionately believed in creating affordable and accessible footwear that enabled people to live their best lives, pain-free. Phil’s passion for healing led him to podiatry. Influenced from his love of surfing, he developed a flip-flop with a built-in orthotic, disrupting the comfort category like never before.

Today, Vionic has grown to become a market leader in the premium contemporary comfort category. Featuring a wide range of silhouettes, premium materials and thoughtful design for women and men, Vionic offers unmatched style with innovative biomechanical support.


Is there a brand philosophy?

Every day we challenge ourselves to reimagine style and science, bringing joy to peoples’ lives – starting with their feet.


What sets this brand apart from the rest? 

Vionic is a leader in the premium contemporary comfort footwear space, with a rich heritage in science. We design with quality materials and we’re not being bought on price. We are bought because we deliver on our promise: we offer shoes built to make you look and feel great, with the support you need for all-day wear.  A truly addictive proposition.


Tell us about the ‘medical’ benefits of the Vionic range?

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the leading resource for foot health information, representing 15,000 podiatrists across the U.S. Many Vionic products carry the APMA Seal of Acceptance, which certifies that they are beneficial in promoting foot health. Vionic is one of the few footwear brands with proven ability to provide proper support.  Additionally, a peer-reviewed study reveals that Vionic contoured sandals are comparable in effectiveness to our best-selling pre-fabricated orthotic in the short-term treatment of heel pain.


In which countries is the brand distributed?

Vionic Can Be Found In: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France & Benelux, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK & Ireland, United States, & Vietnam.