The British Independent Retailer Association (BIRA) is gearing up for its #LoveYourHighStreetWeek to shine a spotlight on local high streets; the campaign runs from 13-19 November.

The association created this campaign to bring people back to the high street as it highlights what your customers are missing out on by solely relying on digital platforms.

It has provided retailers a list of unique selling points for retailers to think about to attract new customers:

1. Unique Products: Independent retailers often showcase unique and locally sourced products that you won’t find elsewhere.
2. Delightful Displays: The charming storefronts and creative displays of local shops add character to our communities.
3. Product Expertise: The friendly faces behind the counter offer valuable expertise and personalized recommendations.
4. Warming Customer Service: Enjoy the warmth of personal interactions and genuine customer service.
5. Gift Inspiration: Discover thoughtful gifts and inspiration that can’t be replicated online.
6. Connecting with Others: Shopping locally fosters a sense of community and connection with your neighbours.
7. A Reason to Get Outside: It’s an opportunity to dress up warm, get some fresh air, and explore your local area.
8. A Little Exercise and a Tasty Lunch: Combine shopping with a leisurely stroll and perhaps a delicious local meal.
9. Magic Festive Spirit: Experience the unique and heart warming holiday atmosphere that only your high street can offer.

Retailers can take part by downloading a kit from its website which contains; printable windows posters, social media assets and website banners. Stores can join in by sharing their activities and experiences by using the hashtag and tagging @biraretail.

For shoppers, the call to action is equally straightforward: visit your local independent shops this November and beyond. Don’t miss out on the magic and joy that only your high street can offer.