Kachorovska 3 generation women in business & Kachorovska Factory in Ukraine

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No electricity, no internet, no water but still the largest, iconic footwear brand in Ukraine KACHOROVSKA uses Artificial Intelligence technology for its newest shoe campaign called “We Speak Shoes”. KACHOROVSKA begins a movement and will set an example for the fashion industry which will inspire the world with their creative bravery.


This new campaign is the first of its kind marrying fashion with Artificial Intelligence technology showing the world the KACHOROVSKA footwear brand is always “one step ahead”.


Alina Kachorovska, the brands creative director, has always looked to the future and continues to push boundaries delivering her customers new innovative styles and dramatic advertising campaigns multiple times a year.


The innovative campaign launched with four motion visuals and aims to set an example as a unique combination of creativity and technology as a new way to communicate to the fashion community. It will show its customers and the tech world the ever-changing art-forms a shoe takes to transform into reality.


The idea of implementing digital art in the shoe campaign almost had fallen into our hands. At that time, there was a buzz in the global network about releasing various models of latent diffusion, a type of deep generative neural network for converting text into images” comments Vitaly Yermak, the campaign Art Designer


The brand tested all the most popular types and their resources to adjust the algorithm for working in the videos. They had to go through the whole process forward and backward simultaneously. For each pair of shoes, was created a mood board and visual matching its fashion style and then used AI to interpret it into the text towards understanding the clues augmentation, allowing to go back and precisely generate the needed image style This process was repeated as many times as needed until the basis was no longer a mood board but an interpretation itself in the form of fractal reimagining.


During this period, while the campaign was worked on the videos with the help of a neural network, has been created about 290186 unique variations of the “KACHOROVSKA” shoe styles. The AI did what would have taken a person forever in 3210784 seconds. I believe we are witnessing the birth of a new era in culture. I call it a neo-renaissance, where there is absolute neo/innovative creativity that creates pure beauty in its highest essence” states Alina Kachorovska.



Last few decades, there has been an extensive growth of artificial social superstructures. As a result, creativity collided with dependence on marketing, commerce, taste unification, and all those globalization processes. It became overpowering. The interpretations were winning over newness, and creative bravery was giving into the audience’s “tastes and demands.”


As a visionary, Alina Kachorovska always been on the lookout for the next big thing in everything. So, the need for change had been broiling in the mind of the brands creative designer for more than a year. Alina realized that AI and its capacity for infinite variations is the engine of transformations and the vessel to transition to neo-renaissance, something new, something great. Alina believes we can all breakthrough our imaginary comfort zone and see much more. Such an exciting and phenomenal journey is unfolding before humans — millions of new designs and experiences through the opened portal of endless and absolute creativity — as described in timeless “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” one of Alina’s favorite science fictions.

And has humans, the head of KACHOROVSKA trusts we don’t have to be afraid of competition with digital complexity because with art direction and creative discretion are required even for AI’s variability. When technology becomes more available in our everyday lives and moves more in social networks, it will boost and forever change the entire creative industry and consumer experience.

“We Speak Shoes”

The brands core message “We Speak Shoes” communicates directly to footwear loving women of all ages and with its unique craftsmanship the brand will deliver its designs to ladies around the globe.


The brand’s message, “We speak shoes,” is about its unique understanding of the shoes as a product and the needs of their shoe-loving customers, elevated to the whole language! The new campaign represents a new form of communication — relentless, ever-changing artforms of oneself, manifested daily in our appearances and social interactions. The campaign keywords are Transformation and Technology, which in this case, is mighty AI.


Alina Kachorovska focal point for her footwear brand is on fit and from measuring more than 40,000 clients’ feet which awards the company an expert understanding of the anatomy and structural unity to deliver their customers a perfect match of style and comfort.


The brand focuses on high quality craftsmanship, environmental sustainability, a fair price, diversity, and an inspiring work environment for all its 150 employees. Kachorovska aspires to have its shoes worn by shoe lovers and fashionistas of all races, ages, and genders worldwide. As a proud mother of three children Alina Kachorovska is dedicated to her family and her Ukrainian roots.


The company is constantly growing, improving, and reinventing itself in business and communication, even more so during the vicious ongoing war in Ukraine. During this challenging time, KACHOROVSKA turned its local success into support power for the country’s economy and took the risk to realize its global ambitions by expanding and launching to international markets. The brand is currently negotiating its first large wholesale orders for two of the largest fashion retailers in the USA and Canada.





KACHOROVSKA footwear brand has the beginning with Alina’s grandmother started making shoes in Ukraine. Launched during the Cold War in 1957 now employees 150 people with its own shoe factory, 2 retail stores and coffee shop in the centre of Kyiv. Alina Kachorovska is the third-generation woman in the business and still works closely with her mother Olena Kachorovska who currently runs the factory. The footwear factory is located right outside the centre of Kyiv produces its fashion collection and has pivoted since the war to also deliver Ukrainian army boots to help the countries war effort.


They currently ship 25,000 commercial pairs of shoes a year to their customers and are still successfully conducting business even while the war on Ukraine continues. In any city in Ukraine on almost every street you will see women wearing KACHOROVSKA shoes which are also frequently worn by the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. The company is now even more focused on growing their business in international marketplaces. The brand concentrates its attention to its core category footwear but also produces handbags and apparel to provide their customers a head-to-toe look.