The 7th World Footwear Congress will take place on 7-9 November 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey. Organised jointly by the Footwear Industrialists Association of Türkiye (TASD) and The European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC), the event is a platform for discussing the rapid changes, challenges and opportunities that this dynamic industry faces in the global economy.

The Congress will hold special significance because the theme of our congress is “Reshaping the Future”, where discussion topics will include the innovative strategies, trends, technological advancements, and sustainability issues of the footwear industry.

Istanbul, a city which has always been the bridge between Europe and Asia, with its historical and cultural richness, dynamic business environment, and strategic location, stands out as a global trade and tourism hub. Moreover, Turkey is among the world’s top footwear producers and exporters, with Istanbul gathering a large part of the industry.

In 2003, the CEC created the World Footwear Congress (WFC) as The Congress serves particularly to promote a free and fair global market with equal possibilities for all on a reciprocal basis, while increasing international collaboration within the latest trends and drivers influencing the industry and society.

The organisers have announced that profits from this year’s event will be donated to help the footwear industry members affected by February earthquake in Turkey to reconstruct their businesses. This congress will be an opportunity to bring together the spirit of solidarity and collaboration in our industry to overcome challenges and look towards the future with hope.

Organisers also said it will be “an unforgettable experience” to be a part of this global gathering and will create a valuable network that brings the leading players of the footwear industry together.

You can follow the latest news and program of the Congress here.