Tamaris is launching a fragrance line with three signature scents!

The shoe brand said it is already on the path to becoming “a fully-fledged lifestyle brand”, and now with the launch of its own fragrance line it hopes that women “might be able to ex-press every facet of their personality”.

With JOYFUL, POWERFUL, and SOULFUL, the brand has created three bold scents, each of which embodies a particular mood. The new fragrance line is now available in the Tamaris online shop, and will also be available in select stores.

In keeping with the central brand message, “Perfect for you, in every moment”, Tamaris said that “every woman can find the style that accentuates her personality”.

Added Jens Beining, CEO of the Wortmann Group: “For us, the launch of the Tamaris fragrance line represents another important milestone on our path to becoming a lifestyle brand. Mirroring the wide range of products in our collections, our new venture will be multifaceted right from the outset: with three Eaux de Parfum, in perfect harmony with the phases of life that our consumers are experiencing and with their various personalities.”

JOYFUL includes scents of Mandarin, Tuberose and Sandalwood. POWERFUL is Cassis, Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla. And SOULFUL includes Musk, Patchouli, Osmanthus and Rose.

In order to create the fragrance line, Tamaris called in an experienced partner: for more than two decades, Perfumes and More GmbH (or PAM for short) has been developing and producing tailored trademarks and private labels in the areas of care products and cosmetics, fragrances, and lifestyle.

“We are proud to be able to support Tamaris from the initial idea right through to the ready-for-sale products,” said Verena Resch, CEO of PAM. “Following the intensive development phase, we are now so looking forward to the Tamaris fragrances reaching the most diverse range of women, providing them with a means by which to express their personality and mood.”