1. 1 in 5 of all young people have witnessed bullying within the last 12 months
  2. 60 per cent of young people who have been bullied say it impacts their mental health
  3. 10 per cent of children who are bullied, experience it on a daily basis
  4. Children and young people who are bullied can find school difficult, and often end up disconnected, isolated and lonely.’ Ben Cohen
  5. Often children who have been bullied continue to suffer the consequences of low self-esteem and low confidence into adulthood.’Ben Cohem

This summer Start-Rite Shoes has joined with the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation to launch the #KidsWalkTall campaign to help raise funds for the anti-bullying charity.  

The campaign aims to empower children and encourage self-confidence as part of their journey through school as they learn more about who they are and who they might be tomorrow. This is highlighted in a short film where children share their thoughts on school life, the friendships they’ve made, the struggles they face, and how it’s good to be different.

To support the campaign, Start-Rite are asking parents and carers to share the campaign film on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. Each time thefilm is posted publicly with the hashtag #KidsWalkTall, Start-Rite will donate £1 to the anti-bullying charity.

Start-Rite Shoes has helped children explore in comfort and confidence for 226 years and believe every day is an opportunity for children to discover more about themselves and the world around them. Start-Rite stands together with the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation to support and encourage children to feel strong and confident and believe that school should be a place where every child should be free to walk tall.

Start-Rite Shoes CEO, Ian Watson, said: “We’re here to support and inspire children. We build our shoe collection around the belief that all children are different – and all children should to be free to be who they want to be – at home and at school. But we know that for some children a daily battle with bullying prevents them from embracing the opportunities that school provides. We hope the #KidsWalkTall campaign will help encourage children to feel confident about who they are and help to raise vital funds for the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.”

Ben Cohen, founder of the StandUp Foundation, said: “We’re really happy to be involved in such an important campaign with Start-Rite Shoes. #KidsWalkTall helps to tackle bullying by empowering children to be who they want to be. Too many children and young people find school difficult, because of bullying, and end up disconnected, isolated and lonely. Often they continue to suffer the consequences of low self-esteem and low confidence well into adulthood. So let’s make a difference, #StandUpAgainstBullying and help #KidsWalkTall.”

To find out more visit startriteshoes.com/kids-walk-tall