In response to recent reports into children’s health and obesity¹, Start-rite gave children the chance to reply and found a highly positive attitude to health, exercise and sport amongst children aged 7-11. The research revealed 86 per cent believe it’s important to do sport and exercise and 84 per cent saying they enjoy it.  This appetite for exercise even improves as they move through primary school with some of the most compelling responses from the 9-11 age range. The research also painted a good picture of health in the home with 72 per cent of 7-11 year olds saying they are encouraged by their parents to be active and nearly two thirds (65 per cent) would like to do more exercise with their parents.


Faced with this apparent appetite for exercise, Start-rite Shoes today launched a new campaign to help keep children active and stem the growth of obesity in childhood.


Eve Davies, Brand Director at Start-rite Shoes added: ‘Children’s healthy development has always been at the heart of everything we do, as footwear influences how the child’s whole body develops. The latest reports on childhood obesity are alarming, especially as you consider that children clearly love being active and exercise is such an important factor for growing bodies.’


Start-rite’s 5-4-5 campaign will offer a solution for children who enjoy exercise but struggle to fit it into their busy lives.  More information about the campaign can be found at and on