By Lesley Waddy, FSSF

Lesley-Waddy“On Sunday 16th February I found myself in very good company enjoying a lovely happy and sociable evening at the Footwear Today Awards Dinner; duly applauding all those who were being presented with their awards and waiting, with great interest, to see who would be the recipient of the Society of Shoe Fitters Student of the Year trophy. Both Laura West and Ellie, (our President), were ushered up to the stage to present the award. Then…..Laura started talking about me!!

Oh dear Laura, you’ve been working too hard, I thought, this is supposed to be about our new successful student, not me!!

Then the penny dropped when I heard Laura utter the words “fellowship”. Everything after that was a complete haze, (not the wine I hasten to add!) I made my way to the stage with tearful eyes to be presented with a beautiful carriage clock to mark this momentous occasion – becoming a Fellow of the Society of Shoe Fitters.

I was so dumbstruck I was unable to utter any words, (most unusual), other than ‘thank you very much’ before I left the stage, clutching the satin-lined box containing my clock. Hardly an Oscar winning performance but, true to form, there were lots of things I thought to say… afterwards! So, I shall say them now.

It has been, over the past 15 years, a pleasure and privilege to work with such a wonderful group of people. I have been a member of the Council for most of that time and enjoyed my two-years as President.

Our meetings are lively and productive and discussion ensues in a very ordered manner. One common thread binds us all – to always embrace the principles of good shoe fitting practice and endeavour to enhance people’s knowledge and educate through the Society’s Shoe Fitting courses. (Amongst many other things as Laura, our Secretary, knows only too well!!!)

To be considered worthy of being elevated to Fellow of the Society of Shoe Fitters is an honour beyond words, and I am most grateful to all concerned. I shall treasure my beautifully engraved clock for all time! Now I can say it (again), Thank you very much.

Lesley Waddy, FSSF.

P.S. May I also say it was lovely to see Laura receive the Personality of the Year Award for the second year running.Do they have a “Works like a Trojan” award? Because she would get that one too….every year!!!!!!
Well done ”