I hope you can spare a few minutes of your time while I tell you a little
about Miss Natalie Johannes
A beauty therapist with a rare talent as a singer.She and I have one thing
in common we both make people cry when we sing(she because she can, I
because I can’t)
If you go on to my twitter account @kendalmint2 you can see what she has
done so far including the video of the St George’s Cathedral charity
concert.The next concerts are going to be in Joseph Stone Theatre in Athlone on the 6th/7th March
Natalie and I are going to give 20% of any profits for the concert to charity.I
will be giving mine to Baphumelele Children’s home in Khyleitsha,
Natalie is going to give to the 02youth project a small South African charity.
My bank details are David Gummers 200468 20433349 if you can ref it charity.
Natalie’s christian views are key to her being,and are her
I believe she wants to work with socially and ethically responsible
company like yours.
Below is a brief time line so you know what she has done to date and how I
became her manager.
Last November I invited her to a cocktail party and I knew she was
in Family Secrets,so I suggested she sing.She did and had people in
tears.I then said “do you want someone to manage you”Although,initially,
she was not keen
after a month and on the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death(irrelevant but
poignant!)she signed the contract.
In May she put on a concert in the Cathedral for Baphumelele and the roof
fund.We raised 78000 rands and have bought 141 pairs of shoes for the
children.Helen Zille came to the concert with her husband.She was on Page
2 of the Sunday times after the concertt and on page 4 of the Cape times
when we gave the shoes to the children.
They played and sang to them as well.
She has done a you tube video of the song she wrote-Natalie J stronger in
you tube.
There is a cover of “your beautiful” is going to be on you tube very
She has been promised a slot on Morning live when we can arrange a trip
to Jo’burg.
African cream record label described her voice as “like fine crystal
possibly the best voice we have heard in 20 years!”
On a personal level,she is a girl you would love as your next door
if you ran out of sugar,as she would give you it(not lend it)
As I said if only I had half her goodness.She hardly ever says anything
about anyone.She forgives people who wrong her.She is genuinely kind and
generous and treats people with a rare generosity of spirit.
In the age of celebrity her humility and the fact she genuinely has no
concept of how good a singer she is,is refreshing and endearing.
We have been offered slots in Joseph Stone for the 6th and
7th March and are looking to raise 50000 rands to cover the costs of the
Any contribution you feel you can make will be truly appreciated and we can
discuss what publicity you will get in return.Maybe this could also singing
at one of your corporate events.
We are aware that every sponsorship you make has got to enhance your profile
and you want to be associated with people that are going to
make your business more profitable.
We promise Natalie and I will never do anything to harm your company.Our aim
is to bring positive publicity and be inspirational and to bring a smile to
people’s faces and joy to their hearts.
I appreciate your time

Kind regards
David Gummers
00441229 580654
mob 0044 7802766570
Manager to Miss Natalie Johannes
and Managing Director F.Dickinson footwear
17 King street Ulverston Cumbria
La12 7dz