Prof. Wesley Vernon OBE – President of The Society of Shoe

Fitters was delighted to present Lisa Coulborn of Little Goody

New Shoes, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancs. with the prestigious

Fisher-George Memorial Trophy as Student of the Year 2015.


Lisa was a ‘model student’ according to her Tutor Maureen

Unsworth, returning her assignments on time and participating

fully during the practical Workshop’s.


Lisa was accompanied by her proud father David (better known as

Bill) to the Footwear Awards Dinner at the Motorcycle Exhibition Centre during MODA this

February. Lisa was rewarded with a bouquet and trophies from the SSF, a crystal award from

Datateam Publishing House and thrilled to receive a personally inscribed valet box donated by

Kevin Burton of (Dasco) Dunkelman’s.


Lisa said ‘The support I have received from the SSF has been tremendously helpful and reassuring whilst setting up my own shop. I cannot understand why every business does not invest in the Society’s education and membership, it continues to serve me well and I know that my customers are being served well too’.


Who will it be for 2016? Only time will tell but there are one or two worthy candidates already

this year and lots more students who have yet to start their coursework. For information on

courses contact: info@shoefitters-uk.org


Ellie Dickins F.S.S.F. proprietor of Ellie Dickins Shoes,

Hungerford, Berkshire, a shop best known for specialising

in larger sizes of ladies’ footwear, has been awarded the

Society of Shoe Fitters highest accolade – a fellowship.


Ellie is a past President and long term member of the organisation

and actively travels the country talking to groups of health

professionals, media etc. The Secretary said “Ellie is our

very own Mary Portas. Her stature and attitude greatly

resemble this astute businesswoman and knowing how Ellie

has advocated professional shoe fitting and promoted our

organisation vociferously at every step of her career in the

industry, it has made her a very worthy recipient of our

honorary award”.