The demand for SATRA reference materials and test consumables has grown considerably over the past two years, with sales of these items during the first four months of 2018 rising 30 per cent higher than the same period 2016. This growth is seen as evidence that many test laboratories around
the world acknowledge the importance of using high quality reference materials and consumable items that satisfy relevant test methods.

‘The importance of using the appropriate reference materials and consumables is often overlooked,’ said SATRA chief executive, Austin Simmons. ‘SATRA has identified a global need for properly certified and traceable reference consumables, and has extended its range and customer base accordingly. It is not enough to have an appropriate and correctly calibrated test machine if the reference materials used for the testing are
of poor quality or do not meet the specification called up in the test method, as these could mask a serious safety issue,’ he added.

SATRA’s reference materials and consumables range from ‘control’ materials (against which the performance of the test sample is compared) to materials that are an integral part of the test machine or procedure. Where applicable, SATRA consumables are checked and certified before despatch,
and relevant certificates are provided with each order.  The production of SATRA consumables benefits from the organisation’s considerable expertise gained from decades of research, the development of over 440 SATRA test
methods and long-standing testing experience accrued in SATRA’s own commercial testing laboratories.
In addition, SATRA accredits almost 200 test laboratories worldwide to a  SATRA accreditation system, giving SATRA a broad visibility of the quality of consumables being used.
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