R.M.Williams is commemorating its 90th Anniversary today by recognising May 24th, the birthday date of Reginald Murrary ‘RM’ Williams, as RM Day. It marks the start of a line-up of celebratory activities, including the launch of limited edition merchandise, as well as serving as a great opportunity to don your RMs and join in the festivities.

A capsule collection of limited edition products will be released today as part of the celebrations, including boots, belts, apparel and lifestyle items.

The limited-edition Craftsman, Lady Yearling boots and Jerrawa belts are complete with 90th anniversary trims and a commemorative plaque, offering the opportunity to own a piece of an Australian legend. These styles will be made on demand and handcrafted, as always, in the Adelaide workshop.

In celebration of the brand’s heritage of craftsmanship, a new Makers Kit will be released on 27th May, complete with the materials, tools and instructions needed to craft a durable leather cover for RM’s classic book, The Bushman’s Handcrafts.

A limited-edition care tin is also available, perfect for brand loyalists, new boot owners and anyone looking to get the most out of their R.M.Williams boots. The tin includes the Stockman’s Shoe Polish in black or chestnut, plus Leather Conditioner, Brush and Polish Cloth.

The 90th anniversary capsule is available online and in store from 24th May 2022. A LEGACY OF AUSTRALIAN CRAFT

Born from humble beginnings in the South Australian bush, Reginald Murray Williams first crafted an elastic-sided leather boot in 1932 – a product that would later become synonymous with authentic outback dressing. RM crafted products for hardworking stockmen and soon had a thriving mail order business, before the increasing popularity of his products demanded the establishment of a full factory at Percy Street in 1934. Many craftsmen and women joined him and later settled into a new workshop at Frost Road in the 1970s, where production currently remains.

As of today, hundreds of highly skilled artisans continue to handcraft leather boots, apparel and accessories for R.M.Williams, using the same techniques as those who went before them. It’s this enduring camaraderie that led RM to say ‘it’s the people who make a company.’

In 2020, R.M.Williams was purchased by Tattarang, a Western Australian private investment group, delivering the business back home and into Australian hands. Under the stewardship of this global powerhouse and its owners, the Forrest family, the brand remains intrinsically linked to its outback origins and can thrive amongst a diverse portfolio of Australian businesses and organisations.

Future ambitions for the business include a steadfast commitment to Australian manufacturing, with fresh investment into the Frost Road workshop. Efforts are continuously being made to increase the production capabilities of this function, providing livelihoods to a growing number of local craftspeople. A focus will be placed on nurturing new generations of artisans and offering training programs to preserve the heritage skills at the heart of the business.

“R.M.Williams. The best boots in the world. Handcrafted in Australia.”

R.M.Williams was founded when Reginald Murray ‘RM’ Williams first began producing elastic-sided leather boots for stockmen working out in the Australian bush. Answering a call for long-lasting products to stand up against the challenges of rural living and working, RM developed a durable one-piece leather upper design that would become the stuff of legend. Since 1932, the business has grown into a national treasure, bringing a spirit of outback resilience to loyal followers across the globe in the form of handcrafted boots, accessories and apparel. The business is committed to Australian manufacturing, with a vast majority of products still manufactured by hand in its Adelaide workshop. As of 2022, R.M.Williams is proudly celebrating 90 years in business.

R.M.Williams is owned by Tattarang, a Western Australian private investment group.