Jan 5, 2018 / Portugal
Pinto di Blu is a brand born within footwear company Costa, Costa & Oliveira, a business established in 1991, with headquarters in Santa Maria da Feira, one of the historic regions for footwear manufacturing in Portugal
With more than
25 years of experience, Costa, Costa & Oliveira has been focusing its development through the years with a permanent attention to fashion and international trends. Every season the company develops their own collections with several style ranges resulting in hundreds of different models.
According to the company the path for success is a combination of elements: a deep attention to the appropriate development of the collection’s products, always focusing on technological modernization and constant training of its workers. To support this triad of elements, all departments work towards the main goal: diversify the portfolio of customers around the world.
As a result, the commercial focus is on the international markets, making the European countries their internal market.
For more information about company Costa, Costa & Oliveira and its brand Pinto di Blu please refer to the website: www.pintodiblu.com.