Today, on International Women‘s Day, the new spring/summer campaign from Tamaris goes live. All channels will be used to consolidate a single message: we celebrate women as companions not competitors. Women who are different together and who support each other with their collective strengths. Eight women and their faces are the protagonists for the campaign, which has been designed to be even more targeted while also offering greater diversity. The focus is on women‘s solidarity and community, which evens out any differences. Diversity and authenticity continue to be the drivers behind digital communication, while the right shoes help emphasise each individual‘s personality: We believe every woman is unique in her own way – whatever her age, whatever her skin colour, whatever constraints or experiences she has encountered. We will accompany her through her life with shoes that make each moment perfect.“, says Cathleen Burghardt, Head of Marketing at Tamaris. This will be clear again in the current Tamaris spring/summer campaign. The question “Who are you?“ from the previous autumn/winter season is answered here; not just in one way but several different ways. Centre stage is a diverse group of women, who show that many paths can lead to your destination although no two paths are the same, they always walk them together. They help one another and keep each other motivated. They rise to the challenges they face and celebrate their successes. This has nothing to do with their background or body type, these are simply the stories of unique women who have earned the right to be heard. This group symbolises the community of women all around the world. Representing their bonds and their solidarity – across the generations and in spite of any differences. Various moving image formats allow the audience to get to know our protagonists better. The key content hub in this multiplatform strategy is the brand‘s steadily growing YouTube channel, where the women‘s personal stories will be told. YouTube is the initial introduction to brand communication. We connect with women in their everyday environment, covering interesting topics that they are passionate about. This is where we can explore content a bit more deeply, using our channels as a platform for experiences, inspiration and tips from women for women”, says Cathleen Burghardt. The growing numbers of subscribers are just one indication that this approach is working. Increased user engagement is forging connections with the brand while also increasing its relevance on one of the most important online platforms. Support for the brand here is being provided by the Hamburg digital agency FJUL, which was responsible for producing the films as well creating the campaign and YouTube content. From March to June 2021, the campaign will be delivered in all digital environments, particularly via social media networks such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. From mid-March an international TV campaign with a shoe on white theme will help boost advertising recall.

Click here for the campaign video: https://youtu.be/kWBDx3Xx0Zw

For a glimpse behind the scenes: –.https://youtu.be/AzotpIntXmU

Tamaris is launching a new, international campaign to celebrate the community of women, demonstrating its digital vision with a multiplatform strategy.