Tamaris T-Collection HW17_1 Always on the move: The Tamaris T-Collection has a convincingly inimitable look. The new marketing concept positions “Fashletics by Tamaris” as an independent product line

See an exclusive preview of the new campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WME3aDR6PPE

Tamaris T-Collection HW17_3

The sporting looks remain a defining feature at Tamaris. In autumn/winter 2017, the T-Collection will place an even bigger focus on progressive and innovative product design, which for the first time will be underpinned by its own marketing concept. Under the “Fashletics” motto, the collection’s newest guise unites fashion with wearable sportiness that easily translates into everyday life.
Besides an athletic look, the newly launched T-Collection primarily focuses on the lightness and flexibility of sporty models.

Here, soles with functional properties meet revolutionary material combinations and state-of-the-art fashion uppers. The design of the T-Collection is so independent and inimitable that consumers recognise it immediately as a separate collection, even without a label.

The marketing concept that strikingly emphasises the core claim of “Fashletics” is also new. So far, Tamaris has only focused its communication on the product itself, using quiet tones to great effect. Now, though, the new commercial departs from this tradition for the first time by adding a very particular attitude: It has become loud, powerful and bubbling with energy – a showcase of dynamics and performance that reflects the main motif represented in “Fashletics”. Breathtaking aesthetics in literally animated images. Emotionally charged, T-Collection will open up new target groups and expand its current ones, while positioning the brand as a unique and individual line within the Tamaris family.

To strengthen this position, the autumn/winter advertising campaign in 2017 will focus above all on communicating new product highlights – including the fashionable upgrade of the “T-Collection”.

The new models will be available from selected retailers and to buy online from July 2017.