A new Danish based company is launching its incredibly easy lacing system to the rest of Europe, after it has proved a great success in Danish designed safety footwear. The innovative lacing system is simple and easy to use. It works with a wheel that turns to tighten and loosen a wire lace system.  The success of the system is also due to the innovative testing procedures in cooperation with the National Institute of the Leather Industry in Poland , that secure high standards and  reliability of the product.

Uturn Inventions A/S is a newly founded innovation company in the footwear business. It combines Danish design knowhow with sophisticated Korean sports footwear technology. It is a partnership between danish European Tech Group A/S and Korean ShinKyung Inc with a capital base of 500,000DKK. The company was set up at the start of November 2017.

“We believe that the UTURN lacing system is the future for footwear, offering simple fastening and equal tension for the entire lacing system. It looks good too,” says CEO Michal Zbierajewski.

“The U turn system has already been successfully used in safety and sport footwear but the system suits all equipment where precise and stable lace adjustment is a must,” he explains.

The company’s mission focuses on three areas: Innovation, Reliability and Simplicity. The wheel system from UTURN is a simple system, where the wheel turns one way to tighten and the other way to loosen.

That means that the wheel doens’t need lifting to release, so no grit and dirt can get inside the system. Whether you are walking in the sand or in deep snow, the system still works smoothly and reliably.

The company aims to grow steadily, and will work with all sorts of footwear companies, initially in Europe. The system is not just ideal for industrial shoes and winter sports boots but great for kids’ shoes, and for users with limited mobility in their hands, including those wearing gloves, and many others.

CEO Michal Zbierajewski has a long background in the footwear industry. He was rapidly promoted in his footwear career, soon after becoming sourcing manager for the Sanita footwear group’s Polish production he was promoted to be in charge of the brand‘s factories in two locations in Poland, making industrial and fashion clogs and comfort footwear, sold worldwide (primarily in the US). More recently he has been CEO of a materials sourcing company, and consultant to a leading Danish industrial footwear brand with factories in the Far East and Europe. In his spare time Michal is an Ironman participant, with several competitions under his belt.

Company : Uturn Inventions A/S

Capital 500,000 DKK

Partnership of Danish and Korean companies.