The German market, of fundamental importance for the Italian footwear industry, will now be served by the new digital opportunities introduced by Assocalzaturifici.

Moda Made in Italy, originally scheduled for September in Munich, is cancelled. The overall conditions of this complicated time have unfortunately led Assocalzaturifici to make this decision as part of a wider-ranging assessment of international trade fairs for the footwear industry in today’s profoundly changed world. The event has been an important date on the calendar of numerous footwear companies for over 25 years, playing an essential role in consolidation of the German market, which continues to be the top market for Italian footwear in Europe. Exports of Italian shoes to Germany grew between 2014 and 2018. Not until 2019 did they begin to drop in terms of both quantity and value (by -8.4% and -1.4%) over the previous year, while the average price continued to grow (7.6%). In absolute terms, Italy’s footwear exports to Germany are worth more than a billion euro, with 3 million and 800 thousand pairs sold on the German market in 2019. Changes in demand and the current situation have led Assocalzaturifici to focus on a new way of maintaining contact with the German market that will be of use to German buyers and, of course, to Italian companies, with both a physical and a digital dimension. The cancellation of Moda Made in Italy is a painful measure, but of course it does not mean the association will be abandoning Germany, a very important market in which
Assocalzaturifici will continue to invest in the future. just as it will continue to work in partnership with MOC, Munich Order Center, the prestigious location that successfully hosted the Moda Made in Italy trade fair for more than two decades.

Under a special agreement between ANCI Servizi and the trade fair centre, footwear
companies will be able to open a showroom in which to meet with buyers on the dates for
which the fair was originally scheduled, from September 27 to 29, 2020. German buyers
and footwear companies will also be able to use the online business tool launched by MICAM Milano, which will be going ahead on September 20 through 23, 2020 at Fiera Milano Rho. MICAM Milano Digital Show, powered by NuORDER is a new platform offering an opportunity to reach the German market, along with others, that will be online from September 15 through November 15, 2020. The new platform will allow companies to support their business online while offering buyers the opportunity to make purchases
directly through the portal. As the world goes back to business, digital technologies, along with flexible opportunities to meet in person, offer important opportunities for footwear companies targeting buyers in Germany, providing indispensable support as the companies continue to offer the market products of unrivalled excellence despite the world-wide shutdown due to the COVID-19 emergency.