Milan, 13 January 2020 – Creativity, dreams and genius: MICAM, the shoe industry’s
leading international fair, is poised to transform the world of footwear into a fantasy universe imbued with the enchanted atmosphere of the world’s most famous fairy-

The creative idea and direction were curated by the MM Company, with accounting by
Laureri Associates, and the theme will accompany the trade show over the coming editions. MICAM’s #micamtales aim to portray the fantastic world of creativity through
a collection of fairy-tales ‘to wear’, revisited in a contemporary key.

The concept will provide the setting for the numerous stories recounted by exhibitors,
whose collections transform the trade-fair into the creative heart of the footwear world. To ensure the concept is clearly visualized, a different fairy-tale will be dedicated to each year, divided into two distinct parts: one in February (for the fair’s Autumn/Winter edition) and one in September (Spring/Summer).

The first fairy-tale of 2020 will be MICAM in Wonderland: a surreal transposition of the
iconic fairy-tale based on the images taken by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa and directed by Daniele Scarpa.

At the core of the marketing campaign, made possible thanks to the contribution of the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and MAECI, are sets featuring completely distorted volumes and perspectives, created by means of special wide-angle lenses that deform the figure. The sets include a host of elements and details – many of which are personalised, such as the famous “Eat me” biscuits, the “Drink me” bottles, sweets and playing cards –  belonging to the imagery associated with the fairy-tale and here shuffled around, manipulated and then re-assembled: because nothing is as it appears. Behind the apparently muddled, topsy-turvy images, there is in actual fact a precise meaning, an order that on the surface appears to be lacking, just as in Alice’s Wonderland. Some of these objects will also accompany visitors inside the trade-fair venue, providing them with a real exhibit-experience.

The fairy-tale theme also makes use of a series of short video-stories that feature irony as their leitmotiv. Brief, fragmented excerpts which draw the public into the set and make the whole experience more immersive.

The poses and styling also contribute to creating a distortion of reality, highlighting the skewed perspectives and exaggerated graphics. The items of clothing and accessories chosen for the campaign are eccentric, exaggerated, voluminous.

Attentive as ever to the ideas of emerging designers, MICAM has chosen to use the creations of a select number of new young designers to pep up its new campaign even
further. In particular, the stars of the 2020 “MICAM in Wonderland” edition will be the
garments designed by Gianluca Alibrando, shoes produced by Les Petits Joueurs and
the bags created by Benedetta Bruzziches.