From February 2020, a new event dedicated to sustainability, materials and trends, the future of retail makes its debut at MICAM.

Milan, 16th December 2019 – A new format aimed at exploring the transformation taking place in the shoemaking industry, from avant-garde materials to the most revolutionary consumer trends and from sustainability to new retailing methods: the “Zero Edition” of MICAM “X” will make its debut at theforthcoming edition of MICAM, the international footwear exhibition, to be held from 16 to 19 February 2020.

In a symbolic and pivotal moment for the world and the industry, which is undergoing a significant transformation both as regards production processes and the whole ethos surrounding footwear (including the way it is perceived by the final consumer), MICAM “X” will provide the stage for the most innovative and high-tech products and ideas. Set up right in the heart of the fair, in the area in Pavilion 1 where the fashion parades and seminars are held, it will be an engaging and stimulating place for the general public at MICAM to discover the latest market trends, explore different fashion styles and learn about innovative materials, sustainability and the future of retail.

Presentations, workshops, special installations and other initiatives dedicated to innovation will be developed around three key themes for the industry: materials, sustainability and retail. A focal point, with guest speakers and innovative enterprises from all over the world, in which to explore the unknowns of the future (the “X”) and find the key to understanding the increasingly disruptive changes that are altering the rules of the game.

How are consumer/buying trends changing? What drives consumer choices? Micam “X” will be an immersive experience thanks to presentations, research work and materials that can be seen and touched.