MICAM Shoe trends for Spring/Summer 2020 are inspired by three different themes:

Designing Emotion which interprets the interaction between technology, craftsmanship and man; Code Create, a trend with a futuristic look that brings the physical and digital world closer together; Empower Up, the young trend that takes its inspiration from the punk culture or modern African culture.

Materials are of the finest quality and the colour palette is more varied than ever: pastel shades rub shoulders with livelier colours, while luminous nuances contrast sharply with more vibrant tones.

A preview of trends will be presented at the 88th edition of MICAM, to be held at Fiera Milano (Rho) from 15 to 18 September 2019.


Designing Emotion shows how technology and craftsmanship can work together to create models that valorise imperfections and forge a deeper sense of connection after purchase. The colour palette introduces a range of pastel shades with a contemporary twist, combined with warm brown tones in contrast to nuances typical of gemstones. In footwear, traditional techniques are used together with cutting-edge tools and machinery, while high-quality
materials are a must. Modelled lasts play a key role in the creation of leading products.


Designing Emotion represents the interaction between human beings and technology, due to
the fact that man is becoming more and more digital, and tech devices increasingly hands-on.
The trend presents bright colours that evoke retro-style emotions and conjure up familiar
materials. Earthy tones contrast with vibrant contemporary colours. Shoe designs favour
organic shapes, with surfaces and colours that give a plain unfussy look. By using craft
techniques alongside automated and laboratory processes, the aim is to improve and enhance
traditional footwear.

Code Create presents a fusion of science, technology and nature, using futuristic materials to rewrite dress codes and accessory design conventions. The focus is on natural materials, combined with sustainable synthetic materials, to stimulate perception. In shoes, the colour palette features shades that evoke emotions. Bright colours stand out amongst the more usual, natural tones.

Nature and technology join forces to create new designs, materials and products that bring the physical and digital worlds closer. Code Create evokes shapes and bio-design techniques that draw on the best features of both trekking and bespoke shoes, creating a slightly mystical, futuristic look. The trend is influenced by both technology and nature, and the colour palette reflects this duality. Classic, natural tones contrast with artificial, almost digital colours.

There is a new sense of vitality and change in the air, entirely due to the presence of new generations and groups that previously had no voice. Empower Up is a young, optimistic trend, inspired by the growing influence of Generation Z. The footwear combines fun, eco-sustainable designs with exclusively summery capsule collections. This oversized tend features excessively kitsch embellishments combined with vintage elements. The colour palette is made up of bold and pre-faded colours, chosen from a range of mid-tones and shades of blue.

Empower Up takes a practical approach, celebrating the new voices in society and consumer participation in design. The punk influence is now more evident and runs counter to the beachy look. In footwear, high-quality materials and details are inspired by modern African culture. The trend expresses joy with bright, lively colours, and with a slightly faded quality inspired by sportswear, recalling vintage models of the 1980s’.