A BY ANABELLE by Anabelle Tsitsin

Founded in 2016 by Anabelle Tsitsin, the brand offers the luxury of footwear that is made to last. The designer’s style is inspired by architectural lines and timeless forms. Materials are the brand’s key focus, and all its styles are made out of only the best quality fabrics and Italian leathers.

A by Anabelle shoes are made entirely in Italy, in the town of Parabiago, taking great care with every little detail at every stage in production.


ALOHAS SANDALS by Alejandro Porras

A brand established in Honolulu in 2015 by Alejandro Porras, its current CEO, featuring designs by stylist Ines Martín-Borregon.

Going back to its roots by coming up with a contemporary twist on the traditional Espadrille, the Barcelona-based company designs finely crafted espadrilles and sandals expressing the handcrafted roots of the Spanish sandals that have made the brand famous. The brand has now come up with its first AW collection of boots and mules, which have met with great success.

Alohas Sandals are sold on some of the biggest and most exclusive online shops on three continents.


CONTRE-ALLÉE by Marouane Haial

Contre-Allée was born out of a friendship. After travelling through the medinas of Morocco together, Anne and Marouane discovered a material underused in the textiles industry: raffia, a very strong fibre made from a variety of palm tree that grows in swampy areas and along river banks.

Seduced by its qualities, the two friends decided to use this soft yet solid material to make a unique shoe that would be both natural and comfortable, the added value of which lay in the precision of Moroccan handicrafting.


DEPLACÉ MAISON by Marco Contigiani, Leonardo and Aldo D’Autilio
Déplacé is an independent footwear and accessories brand that arose out of a unique
convergence of art and personality. Imagine a combination of tattoos, architecture and electronic music; a sort of orderly disorder, given form in the creative designers’ first collection. Three young designers and entrepreneurs with a lot of imagination, who considered Déplacé a way of expressing their shared vision of urban and outdoor living. Déplacé is the story of a connection, of the three designers’ interest in the new and emerging, with all the responsibility of people who want to experiment, invent and discover something new.


DOTZ by Rodrigo Doxandabarat
DOTZ is a brand that is constantly reinventing itself, inspired by the key concepts of diversity, empathy and plurality.

The entire production process is carried out by hand to create a product of superior quality and manufacture. The company is committed to making shoes in the most
sustainable, ethical way possible. From procurement of materials to assembly and unique construction, the brand has launched the challenge of living up to the ideals of the
DOTZ concept. Rodrigo Doxandabart, the brand’s founder, was already known to the world of fashion, first as a model and then as the manager of prominent Italian fashion
brands, and continues to find components in line with his vision, working toward innovative sustainable solutions.


DYAN by Diána Polgár

DYAN is named after designer Diána Polgár, who graduated from the Department of Fashion and Textile Design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design before beginning her career with famous Hungarian shoemaker Asso Shoe. The brand contrasts symmetry with asymmetry, combining elegance with minimal looks in uniquely comfortable shoes. Made strictly by hand in Hungary from top-quality materials, DYAN shoes have a unique look with a contemporary silhouette in sober, elegant colours. The collection is inspired by the constructivism of artists such as Ellsworth Kelly or John
McLaughlin and built to guarantee practicality and comfort.


LES JEUX DU MARQUIS by Emanuele Coppari

Les Jeux du Marquis was founded in 2012 by Emanuele Coppari (born in
1978). The brand draws on the tradition of Italian excellence typical of its
founder’s native region, Marche, which has a long history of producing
timeless fashion accessories.
The brand reinterprets the classics of the female image in irreverent,
seductive forms. Every single item is made by hand by the best craftspeople
of the Marche: pumps and sandals with sensual lines, reinvented with a range
of imaginative accessories such as modular bracelets to be worn in unusual,
playful combinations, fur pompoms, precious silk bow ties… Les Jeux du
Marquis makes every woman a goddess of her times.


MAIORANO by Matteo Maiorano

MAIORANO was founded in Rome in 2018 by Matteo Maiorano (born in
The brand seeks to achieve the perfect compromise between shoes and
sculpture, and the result is a luxury shoe as unique as a work of art.
All shoes are made by hand in Italy using the best leathers, to guarantee
comfort and durability. A strong focus on detail gives the product a bold
identity and surprising versatility.

MAIORANO is a promising new brand: the first two collections
(Spring/Summer 2019 – Autumn/Winter 2019-20) were praised all over
Italy, where they are sold in selected shops.


PIJAKBUMI by Rowland AsfalesWith ten years of experience, Rowland Asfales was acknowledged at Good Design Indonesia 2017 and was among the Indonesian designers
who took part in the 2018 Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week.

Asfales creates “ecological and beautiful” shoes for the Pijakbumi brand. The brand is committed to producing high-quality footwear made to high standards of sustainability. The brand’s story-telling and ecological publicity campaign promote awareness of the need to reduce our energy consumption and conserve natural resources.

Asfales believes that teamwork is essential to achieve success, and works with illustrators and artists, taking part in environmental initiatives to encourage everyone to work #forbetterearth.