The centrality of manufacturing to industrial policy in Europe, of which Made in Italy – justly proud of the excellence of its manufactured products – feels an integral part, and the need for a norm at EU level that introduces the mandatory indication of country of origin, the so-called “Made in” labelling. Both these dossiers are still on the table and were recently brought to the attention of Italian and European institutions in Brussels once again by Assocalzaturifici.

“We have been fighting for over ten years and at all institutional levels “, says President Annarita Pilotti – to bring to the EU’s attention the need for a law that protects manufacturing excellence and the right of European consumers to know what they are buying through the introduction of mandatory origin labelling. A struggle that included
setting-up a permanent desk – which has been active now for three years – in the Confindustria delegation in Brussels to ensure effective lobbying with EU institutions”.

“We have to act quickly if we want to avoid the closure of not only our footwear companies but entire districts as well, with the disastrous occupational and social consequences that we can all imagine,” said Enrico Ciccola, President Pilotti’s delegate on the ‘Made in’ issue and president of the footwear manufacturing sector of
Confindustria Centro Adriatico. “Precisely for this reason I have reiterated to all the Italian political forces, regardless of who wins the next European elections, the need for them to come together to support our request for a community standard to protect our manufacturing products. The Made in label – he adds – has to be a priority for Italy in Europe. For the last ten years, in conjunction with Confindustria, we have in fact been pressing for the introduction of rules that ensure the final consumer is informed about the geographical origin of the product. This is a ‘clash of civilization’ on which we do not intend to budge an inch”.

Apart from the Assocalzaturifici representatives, the Brussels mission also included delegates from Confindustria Ceramica and FederlegnoArredo, “united once again – concluded Ciccola – in the name of Italian manufacturing, which is worth more than 140 billion euros and employs 900 thousand people”.

Milan, 6 December 2018