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The brand Lorenzo Mari was born in 1973 by Lorenzo MONTERISI, entrepreneur and founder of the producing Gifal Company. An apulian solid reality and flagship of the Italian footwear industry, thanks to the devotion and determination of the founder and the cooperation of his sons. Since the born of the brand Lorenzo Mari, Gifal has chosen to produce high quality shoes, focusing on design, Italian fabrics, with the watchful eye on contemporary trends full respecting the craftmade. The company sees its development in 1984 when rises the need to use more innovative materials to satisfy demanding customers, who want to be in step with times.

Thanks also to an internal design department in our company, brand LORENZO MARI is exclusive, without miss the attention on marketing and communication.


Since 1973 the brand Lorenzo Mari is synonymous of quality shoes designed and produced directly in Italy, in the beautiful city of Trani.


Quality, sophisticated and innovative design at the same time are the main ingredients of the Lorenzo Mari success.

In a pair of woman shoes hides the mystery of every woman. Heeled or flat, each model Lorenzo Mari is the most inner expression of female desire. The brand represent the elegance and timeless style of Italian craftmade; attention to details, the essential lines and sophisticated Made in Italy; femininity, determination and enterprising of the female symbol of Lorenzo Mari imaginary.



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