inescoparsutoria_acuerdocolaboracion-jpgCentre for technology and innovation Inescop and the Italian design school Arsutoria have entered into a collaboration agreement aiming to spread the use of the computer-aided design software for footwear developed by Inescop.

The collaboration between Inescop and Arsutoria dates back from the 1990s when teachers of the Italian school started to teach in Inescop courses. “Our software will enjoy better international promotion and industry acceptance, which will help companies exchange technical information with customers and suppliers on a global scale,” said Miguel Angel Martinez, Inescop director.

Inescop software is present in 39 countries, with Italy the second in terms of number of installations. Martínez commented: “This agreement will be of indefinite duration, as long as both parties are happy with the results.”

Matteo Pasca, Arsutoria director, highlighted the relevance of this agreement, which “combines technical and didactical knowledge with cutting-edge design technologies.” The school is considered a centre of excellence in the use of Icad3D+, mainly because “we strongly believe in the efficiency of this footwear design system, to which we contributed with our technical knowledge”, explained Pasca

The school is so committed and involved in the implementation of these systems that they have completed the set-up of a CAD room dedicated to ICad3D+ that includes 12 workstations, a laser digitiser and an automatic cutting table. This CAD room is integrated with the footwear factory that is part of the school for making shoe samples. Pasca added: “We are now in a privileged position, because we are able to manage the whole process, from the design to the final prototype.”