The French brand is present in 90 countries, the inventor of the recreational shoe exports 80% of its volume.

The secrets of this success are very simple: Shoes that are distinctly different

Martin Michaelli, the founder of Mephistio, is the inventor of the recreational category of shoes since the early seventies. At a time when the choice was city shoes or sports shoes, he revolutionised the market.  His invention achieved an important success, far greater than anticipated as this coincided with  the boom of all sorts of outdoor activities and the recreational practice of sports.

This positioning continues to be supported by constant advances in innovation, offering total comfort, modern and functional design that appeals to a wide audience and emphasis on unmatched quality at both Mephisto factories in France and Portugal.

A global footprint

Notably ahead of its time in France in the early ’70s, the brand achieved instant success in many other counties jolting the brand immediately onto the international stage. In 2015, Mephisto shoes are sold in over 90 countries, in 900 Mephisto Shops and 18,000 points of sale.

This book retraces the five decades that mark this wonderful adventure, revealing the creative moments as well as the workshops that build the shoes, taking us around the world in Mephisto’s steps and showing us the men that are at the roots of its success.

The Mephisto style is: a modern and  functional design, a constantly evolving technnology, total comfort, impessable quality, a global presence, loyal customers and a successful distribution.