The Högl management team headed by CEO Gerhard Bachmaier (Collection & Marketing) and CSO Harald Winzer (Wholesale & Retail) has set ambitious targets for the coming seasons. As well as an optimised presence in specialised retailers, they aspire to international growth of 30 percent over the next few years.

CEO Gerhard Bachmaier, CSO Harald Winzer – Clear international growth of the brand.
The seasonal Collection and Retail meeting took place in the Austrian headquarters in Taufkirchen/Pram from 9 to 12 July, during the course of which not only the new collection was presented to international brand representatives, but also the strategic priorities for the coming years were agreed.

“Our targets for the next three years are ambitious yet achievable. We are planning for growth of 30% with different emphases in the individual markets, and we are delighted that our sales team is similarly positive about this growth
strategy and will pursue this confidently with us”, says Högl co-owner Gerhard Bachmaier, extremely pleased with the jointly adopted vision for the future.

The Högl team at the Collection Meeting at the headquarters in Taufkirchen/Pram Active area design and emotionalisation of the brand in specialist retailers The planned growth will be achieved primarily by expanding the presence at the point of sale and through close cooperation with specialist retail partners. In this vein, 10 new shop-in-shop areas and 20 brand corners have been established in recent weeks.

“One of the many success stories is Kotva in Prague, where we have created a 30 square metre shop-in-shop area with our partner Shoe Republic”, explains Harald Winzer.

For years Högl has been consistently dedicated to meeting the quality demands of the premium segment, and consciously sets itself apart from competitors with its brand presence, both through the modernisation of its
seasonal collections as well as with a modern, emotional design language. “An attractive staging of the brand is most successful on one’s own territory, but it is a clear aim of ours to optimise brand awareness in specialist retailers,
too, to occupy areas and to present the brand accordingly. We have already succeeded in this through close collaboration with leading retailers and fashion boutiques such as Breuninger, Kadewe and Oberpollinger, but also
with chains like Görtz, Salamander and Humanic, as well as numerous specialist shoe retailers. We also wish to pursue this path internationally”, continues Harald Winzer.

Consolidation of the collection and consistency of the product quality The basis for the proposed targets is a highly marketable collection, which is intended to be even further enhanced in the future through a consolidation of
the brand statement and models. “The modern, feminine design of our Högl shoes, paired with the highest
demands of product quality and fit according to our “Look-Feel-Love” principle, and an attractive price/performance ratio for the premium segment form the foundations of our success. We are promoting brand awareness with single-brand stores in very selectively chosen locations, as well as with an increased store presence in specialist retailers. We see online and social media first and foremost as a direct communication platform with our customers,while e-commerce will be combined with an omni-channel strategy which is currently under development as a future-oriented business model integrating specialist retail partners”, says Högl CEO Gerhard Bachmaier in summary of the traditional Austrian shoe brand’s future strategies, which were adopted at
the beginning of July.